Saturday, February 7, 2015

Film 1

Over the holidays I went on a little film kick. The first thing I did was develop a few rolls of film I found laying around. Most are a few years old, I even found one from my PROM in 2009! Crazy. Here are a few from the first one I developed when Eliza was about two. 
This must have been right before we started building the tiny home. 
We used to play tennis a lot, I don't know why I was laying down? 
R1-02286-0010 R1-02286-0013 R1-02286-0018 R1-02286-0020
The rest of these are from a scavenger hunt we did. I don't remember the topics but they're the motivation behind some of these weird ones. Like the toilet paper one, I think it was "something soft". The toilet paper must have been Brandon's idea. 
R1-02286-0011 R1-02286-0019
In Galveston, the beach we live by, they have these art pelicans everywhere. Kinda fun. 
And this was our last scavenger hunt one. I wish I could remember the clue but we ran into a Double Dave's Pizza shop, set Eliza down to take this picture and then ran out! 

I love the character film adds to pictures. None of these have any filter on them whatsoever. I haven't touched them editing wise, they just look neat on their own (: 

IMG_5162 copy