Friday, June 20, 2014

Beachin' Father's Day

For Father's Day we had big plans to go camping at this place like 3 hours away and then Eliza got sick and we got lazy and then we ended up camping at the beach which was only 1 hour away. 

So we woke up at 5:30 in the morning because we were thinking that the beach traffic would be horrendous. I guess we missed it because we ran into zero traffic. 
IMG_6119 copy
Can you tell she's excited? 

Galveston is a long, skinny island that runs parallel to the coast. We usually stay closer to the beach but considering I made the reservations at 11 o'clock the night before, we got lucky to even grab a free spot! We ended up camping on the bay side and it was pretty cool. We explored some parts of the park that we had never bothered seeing before.  
IMG_6124 IMG_6127 IMG_6128
The "observation tower"
IMG_6135 copy
The father. 
IMG_6137 IMG_6145 IMG_6148 IMG_6150
I spy a hermit crab! 
We made it easy on ourselves and brought a large fruit salad for our lunches. 
We spent the morning at the beach and then came back for lunch and a quick nap. Instead of tent camping, we laid down the seats in our prius and camped out in there! It's pretty cozy AND we were able to have A/C, which was nice because at the end of the day we were so sunburnt and exhausted that it was much needed. 
IMG_6178 copy IMG_6182
Weird almost talking family picture. 
A few friends joined us later in the day and we went on a very short, very unsuccessful fishing expedition.  IMG_6195
Mmmm fish heads. 
IMG_6198 IMG_6200 copy IMG_6202
Just reading aloud. It's kind of what he does. 
For dinner we had some vegan dogs and corn. 
IMG_6230 IMG_6215
And if you're cool like me, you get not one... but TWO. It was delish. 
Poor little Eliza was so pooped, she fell asleep on our picnic blanket before the sun even went down! I tried to wake her for s'mores and she yelled at me. So no s'mores for Eliza. 

Also, funny story. Towards the end of the night, Brandon and I were hanging out by the fire with my brother and our friend, just chatting and star gazing. Brandon got up and decided to go take a shower but not before he declared that there better be some s'more supplies left when he comes back because he hadn't gotten one yet. We joked and agreed and he went to go bathe. 

So I was sitting with Jon (brother) and Dylan (friend) when Dylan turns around and starts intently staring at the table directly behind us, we're talking like 5 feet away. I turn around and I see this large black shadow climbing on our table, digging around in our food bag! Before I even had time to react, it must have noticed we were looking at it and quickly hopped off the table with a bag of something white. As we watched it bounce off into the brush, stunned and shocked at what just happened, I realized...... IT STOLE THE MARSHMALLOWS! I yelled, Jon hopped up and starting running after it but it was too late. The darn thing, what we think was a raccoon, stole our marshmallows. Right after Brandon specifically ordered us to leave him s'more materials so he could make one when he got back!

 I felt bad but it was so hilarious. When he came back, I was laughing so hard that I could hardly get the story out. He didn't talk for a while, I think he was in shock. Poor guy. I think he heated up some graham crackers and topped them with chocolate for his dessert. Needless to say, he didn't get his father's day s'mores. 

We passed out after that and ended up waking up early in the morning and taking off. Camping at the beach is fun but there is only so much sun and sand I can take. We spent the rest of the day taking naps, watching Redbox movies, nursing my crispy sunburn, and making dinner for my own dad. It was lovely. 

IMG_5162 copy