Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Birthday Week Shenanigans

Birthday week ya'll!!! Oh it was so good. My weeks just keep getting better and better. 
We celebrated my dad's birthday before mine, his is two days prior. I made him a carrot cake because it's about the only kind he'll eat. 
We traveled down to his house and spent the day with him...
GUYS. I can't tell you the last time I owned nail polish. It's been yeeeeears. For Christmas, I bought Eliza some non-toxic paint and just recently I finally took the leap and invested in some for myself. I love them so far. $70 well spent. 
Feet and unshaven legs? But look how pretty my toenails are!
The only thing my Dad wanted for his birthday was some Eliza time so Brandon and I took off after dinner and went to a Warpaint concert. It was incredible and perfect, just what I needed. I left the camera at home for that one but I'm sure you can imagine what a concert looks like. 
Because sometimes all you have to wear is a Tupac & Biggie tee. 
After the concert I came home exhausted. But it's always so hard to sleep after a good show. So bed and carrot cake happened. Probably too much carrot cake.... But can you really have too much? Is that a thing? 

Eliza and I had the next day all to ourselves. 
We went back home and played with the pups...
IMG_5199 copy
Ate vegan ice cream sandwiches with sprinkles on top....
I infused some tequila for my birthday. This one is pineapple, jalapeno, and habanero. I only had a day so the pineapple didn't really stick.... BUT it was the perfect amount of time for the jalapeno and habanero. Mmmmmmmm. 
We swang....
These are two things I'm really going to miss about this place. This swing and burn piles. All the neighbors do have burn piles every so often. I love stepping outside and being greeted by the smell of smoke. Makes me feel like I'm camping out everyday (: 
That face...
IMG_5240 copy IMG_5257 IMG_5265
Oh and we listened to Brandon's radio show. It was fabulous as always. For those that are interested, he has a radio show called Read-A-Loud on Fridays at 2:00 central time. He reads for an hour and then invites a friend on to talk about random stuff, sometimes plays. You can listen to it here as well as a constant stream of music and other local shows. 
Then we got dressed up for an adventure downtown. 
IMG_5279 copy
So a friend opened up a store downtown and we keep trying to stop by but they're always closed by the time we actually get there! Someday. It's going to happen. Anyways, check out their online store. They've got some sweet stuff- Manready Mercantile
So we wandered around the neighborhood for a little bit, killing some time. 
IMG_5297 IMG_5307 copy IMG_5327 copy
Oh man guys, if I ever had money to blow on a fancy car, this is what it would look like. So pretty. 
IMG_5338 copy
Then we went home and cooked up some enchiladas to go along with this delicious wine I found! Perrrrrfect combo, don't ya think? 

It's nice carrying my camera around again. It's been so long since I cared about lugging around that thing to take pictures but I love it. I'm realizing more and more that sometimes you really need to step away from things for a bit to fully appreciate them. And it's totally ok. Sometimes I forget that breaks can be a good thing

IMG_5162 copy