Thursday, February 6, 2014

Disney World: Magic Kingdom

We probably spent most of our time in Magic Kingdom but weirdly enough, I have the least amount pictures from this park? I think lugging around a camera was just too much so I ended up taking a ton of pictures with my phone (which is cool now because my phone camera doesn't totally suck!). We spent a (kind of) whole day here but we made sure to come back every night. They had the best firework show and we our favorite was running around to the all rides during/after the fireworks because they were all empty! Everyone was either watching the show or leaving the park so we had free reign! One night, we even timed it so well that we jumped on the dumbo ride and were twirling around in the air just in time for the final round of about 20 fireworks! Talk about a cool moment. 

Anyways, here is what I did manage to get pictures of. 
So this was one of the big moments for Eliza. Brave is her favorite and she got this adorable dress for Christmas just for this meeting! 
IMG_4549 IMG_4555 copyIMG_4560 
The Swiss Family Robinson tree house was really cool. And now I want a treehouse.... someday. 
IMG_4558 IMG_4565 IMG_4569 IMG_4574 IMG_4577 IMG_4578
And on our last night, we caught the Electrical Light Parade. This was special for me because it's one of the few things I remember from going to Disney World when I was a child. 
IMG_4611 IMG_4625 copy IMG_4634 IMG_4650 IMG_4658 IMG_4661
About half of these pictures turned out completely blurry but I got a few good ones! We had a really good spot, right at the beginning and then we ended up sprinting halfway through the park to find my mom and caught it again!

Speaking of my mom, I have to give a lot of kudos to her. We had an amazing time and we wouldn't have had it if it wasn't for her. Going as a kid was wonderful but I think it's even more magical getting to take your own daughter and getting to share that experience together. I'm so, so grateful for that and it will be a memory I cherish forever. 

IMG_5162 copy