Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 Goals

Is anyone else excitedly awaiting the day that it's not freezing cold anymore?! I sure am... (partially) living in a home with no heater sure does make you aware of the temperature. As I write this, I'm laying in our loft and although the lower half of my body is being kept warm by an electric blanket, my fingers are just about frozen and I can see my breathe every time I exhale! It could be worse I suppose...  I mean it doesn't even snow here.... Oh gosh, I'm wayyy off topic! I just can't help but think of summer when I look at the water below. It's just so enticing. *sigh*

So I realized that I haven't posted my goals for 2014 yet! I didn't write up too large of a list this year because I have some really gigantic goals on there. And who knows, I'll probably tack on a few more as the year goes on... Well without any further ado, here are my: 
2014 goals copy
Boring ol' business goals: 
-Make 300 online sales 
-Get products into 10 stores 
-Write and publish an e-course and e-book 
- Start earning enough monays each month to become completely and utterly financially independent (now that I'm out of school, it's about that time!)

Some personals: 
-Put in my application and graduate! 
-Start exercising and eating better 
-Do a 2 week raw food diet/cleanse 
-Go camping 3 times, visit 2 new places 
-Get a small camera or possibly ipad mini?
-Learn how to crochet 
-Go rock climbing 
-Finish our tiny home
-Become finacially independent 
-Complete emergineering and amazing biz and life courses 
-Work more on the blog and double my readership
-Get pregnant (eeee! yessss!) and possibly get married? This isn't official, just an idea. I think it's about time and maybe this is the year? I guess if I knock out some of the to-do's above, that will become more of a possibility!  
IMG_5162 copy