Thursday, December 5, 2013

Small Business-ers/Entrepreneurs!

I've talked about the struggles I've been having with my business lately. Which is all understandable, we're going through big changes in almost every area in our life and things are bound to be a little wonky for a bit until the dust settles back down. But to tell you the truth, I was really tired of my business not being as successful as I wanted because I really needed it to be! However, I didn't know exactly where to start. I tried manifesting, which worked great but I don't think is a good long term solution. So I kept searching for something, some kind of guidance that would lead me to success! And then, I found Leonie. 
I had heard and read about her but it wasn't untill the last few months that I had really been called to look into what she offered. Something finally just clicked and I realized, this is what I need! This is what I've been looking for! 
Amazing Biz and Life Academy
I started reading her blog and signed up for emails. And then I got a notification that she was about to double her prices for the Amazing Biz & Life Academy. I took it as a sign and the push that I needed. I decided to treat myself, to invest in myself so that I could become more successful! And it was SO worth it. 
And because I wouldn't be able to describe it any better, here is how she describes it: 

"The Academy is a divinely guided, heart-centered success library to help you and your business reach the levels of joy, abundance, creativity + prosperity that you were born to have.
It’s one of the most generous, powerful, inspired, best-priced + transformational training resources you’ll find anywhere in the world. It’s a training library jampacked with programs, meditations + kits to transform your business + life to Level Amazing. And it’s access to an incredible mastermind of almost 3000 women (just like you) who can help you with much needed brainstorming, support + guidance.
One part business + marketing training field + one part inspirational mastermind + one part soul-centered wisdom to make every part of your life glow, the Academy is the premier resource for women wishing to create amazing lives and businesses.
As a member of the Academy, you’ll receive powerful business + marketing training to help you start + grow your dream business rapidly & happily. You’ll receive audio meditations to soothe your soul. Illustrated workbooks to create clarity & intention around difficult decisions. E-courses to supercharge your creativity, become a marketing maven & wrangle your fears. Tips to get your house decluttered & in your inner world order. Cleanses to bring your body into health & radiance. Everything you need to live, work, play & create like the amazing woman you were born to be." 
Does that not sound amazing? And trust me, it totally is. Just to give you a picture view, when you become a member, this is everything you get!

Wowzas! I haven't had all the time I wish to fully emmerse myself in the program just yet (ugh, school) but after this week, I plan on diving in headfirst! But already, I've been using the tools to help plan my months and set goals for where I want my business to go and it has really helped me to make it through this holiday season with everything that's going on (and with quite a bit of success too!) when I didn't think I could!

The Amazing Biz & Life Academy is so motivating and helpful, I would recommend it for any entrepreneur out there that wants to start growing, first as a person but also with their business. Like the title says, it really is amazing and I can't help but want to share this wonderful program with everyone! 

So what are you waiting for?! Treat yourself this Christmas! Invest in yourself with something that is going to change your life for the better! I promise you, you will not regret it. 

Sign up to be a member of the Amazing Biz & Life Academy here. If you're not quite ready to become a member, try out her 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Calender & Workbooks

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*By the way, I did not get paid to write this post. However, I am an affiliate so if you follow the links in this post and sign up I can get credit for it. But really, I believe in this program with all of my heart and just think that every wonderful, woman entrepreneur should know about this! And I just want to spread the awesomeness so that all of you guys can grow successful businesses too! Women empowerment ya'll! (: