Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gift Sets & Coupon Codes!

Gift sets and kits are officially listed! I put these little gift sets together for some discounted gift options, there are 8 total so there's are a lot of options to choose from! Plus all of them are customize-able by choosing the different soaks, scrubs, lotions, or lip balms you would like to include in them. So here they are: 
IMG_4032 copy
Home Essentials Kit ($50)- 2 lip balm tubes, 2 deodorant, lotion, and a boo boo stick
At-home Spa Kit ($40)- bath soak, sugar scrub, and lotion
Ultimate Well Being Kit ($80)- hand sanitizer, healving salve, lotion, lip balm tube, boo boo stick
Goddess Gift Set ($55)- bath soak, sugar scrub, lotion, tube of lip balm, perfume
IMG_4128 copy
Holiday Gift Set ($45)- bath soak, sugar scrub, lotion, tube of lip balm 
IMG_4167 copy
Survive The Winter! Kit ($30)- tube of lip balm, get un-sick stick, lotion
Choose Three! Get three tubes of lip balm for $12 
Choose two! Get two tins of lip balm for $15

You can check them all out here (or here if the other one doesn't work) as well as the options you have for customizing! 

And don't forget about our 5 Days of Christmas! Here they are- 

Day 1: Don't forget, the giveaway ends tomorrow morning!!! 
Day 2: All clothes have been marked down (as of this morning, woops! )
Day 3: Free shipping code for today: SAMWISHSPECIAL
Day 4: Automatic free gift with purchase
Day 550% OFF Sale, all orders have to be in by 3:30 central time! 
IMG_5162 copy