Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tiny Home Building: Week 9, 10, & 11

Man, these weeks went by so fast! With all the markets we were doing and the rain that kept us from working, it was a hectic three weeks!
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We didn't do too many aesthetically noticeable things on the tiny home during week 10 and 11 so I'm just combining them with week 9! Here's what we did: 
During week 9, we finished cutting roof rafters, bought ties and straps to hold everything together...
 and secured the roof rafters in with hurricane ties (this took way more time than I anticipated!). 
Then we covered the roof and the bare walls that were left. 
We also started cutting out the window and door holes. 
During week 10, we power-washed the walls and roof (because some were covered in concrete and other muck) and started putting up the blocking in between the rafters. This week it rained a lot so we didn't get to work on the house too much. 
For week 11, we finished the blocking and put up frieze boards (pieces of plywood that go flush with the other plywood. We kind of messed up on this part though... We should have done the blocking and frieze boards before the rafters and roof sheathing so it could have been neater and have less awkward gaps. Oh well, we'll just have to fill them in with spray foam or something. After we were done with the frieze boards, we sprayed everything down with borate to protect from mold and termites (especially since all of our wood has been sitting out and some is salvaged wood). I'll talk more about this later but it's non toxic and environmentally friendly so it was a must for our tiny home. We want to protect our wood as best we can!! 
After that was dry, we used some spray foam to seal up any large gaps like the spaces around the blocking/frieze boards and at the bottom of the house where the plywood meets the actual trailer. We also had to put a lot of effort into protecting our tiny home from rain! Note to self: tarps leak, plastic drop cloths are better!!

Oh man, and these last few weeks we had a run in with all kinds of different creatures! 
Brandon found..... 
A tarantula! 
IMG_1345 copy
And Eliza found...
A frog friend! 
We also found an ant colony that invaded our wood pile..
And some cute little termites trying to munch on our wood. There was also one more, really special surprise that I'll post about later (if you follow me on instagram or twitter, you probably already know about this one!).

Our last few weeks have been crazy busy. A little too busy perhaps, Brandon and I both had mini meltdowns but I think the worst is over. We're trying to work more on scheduling and just keeping a balance between everything! I can't wait until December when we can catch a little break. But before then we've got a lot of work to do! 

How are you all doing out there? It's been a little quite around here but I've got a bunch of stuff to catch up/blog about! Let's hope I can find the time to post about all of it!
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