Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tiny Home Building: Week 12 & 13

The last two weeks, we've run into some scheduling issues so that now our two tiny-home-building-days are more like 1 to 1 1/2 days. And there's been a steady showing of rain that certainly doesn't help the situation. So the last two weeks have been not quite as eventful as I had hoped but nevertheless, we've gotten a few noteworthy tasks accomplished! 

During week 12, we finished putting up the frieze boards and sprayed the top of the roof with Borate which I'll talk about a little bit later. Annnnnnd we finally started on the roofing! We started by filling in any gaps in the roof sheathing with caulk for a little extra moisture protection and to keep air from leaking in. 
(check out this hotty that I get to work with all day ;) Mmmm mm! )
Then we started applying 30 lb roof felt and drip edges on all the edges of the roof.
IMG_1670 IMG_1721
And we topped that off with some roll roofing which we trimmed and finished with roof cement in any open crevice that water could leak in or place punctured by a nail. 
Because our roof has such a low pitch, we had limited options for roofing. We couldn't use regular shingles because of the risk that water might roll back underneath and we couldn't use regular metal roofing because we'd have to get specialized metal roofing made for low pitch roofs. So we chose to go for roll roofing for now because it's easy, cheap, and works well for low pitched roofs. In the future, we plan on replacing it with a nice, specialized metal roofing appropriate for low pitch roofs. 
Oh and we got our bathtub!! It's a 4 1/2 foot tub with an apron. Our "trash box" is right on top of it so these are the best shots I have of it now. But I'm pretty excited about that! Yay baths!! 

Speaking about my hunk of a fiance, I snapped these pictures of him the other day when he was in a modeling kind of mood and he got all Zoolander on me! 
IMG_1711 IMG_1715 IMG_1713 IMG_1709
I sure do love that guy. 

After we finished the roofing, we sprayed the outside of the tiny home with Borate and started attaching hurricane ties and straps that are going to help reinforce our tiny home (especially if we decide to take this thing on the road!). 

IMG_5162 copy