Friday, June 7, 2013

Book Report: You Can Heal Your Life

"If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed." 


"The timeless message of the book is that we are each responsible for our own reality and "dis-ease." Hay believes we make ourselves ill by having thoughts of self-hatred. She includes a directory of ailments and emotional causes for each with a corresponding affirmation to help overcome the illness." (Amazon)

This book has been so helpful to me. As it says above, the main point of the book is about how you have the power to influence your own reality. It goes into detail about certain thought patterns and how they can affect your physical body which is really cool to learn about. But what I found the most helpful is how she talks about self-love and how it directly affects your quality of life. If you don't think you deserve things like success and happiness, you won't receive them. But we all deserve those things. It makes so much sense to me and has really helped me to deal with issues in my life where I am really self-critical and not so successful.  Especially since I've chosen a non-conventional path, it's hard to stay confident and loving toward myself when I am receiving a lot of resistance and negativity from others. 

I can not recommend this book enough! It is an incredibly powerful tool to help improve one's life! After all, we've only got one to live so why not make it everything we ever wanted?!

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Positive affirmation of the day by Louise Hay

Speaking of which, I found the blog Wellness Warrior recently and found this interview with Dr. Lissa Rankin who wrote a book about how the mind has the ability to heal the body. A great interview if you're interested in that sorta thing!

So this is something I've been working on a lot lately. Taking control of my mind, my thoughts, and the way I think about things. It's not easy but I think the outcomes are worth the effort! I'm pretty excited about it and can't wait to see what good things are going to come from this (: 

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