Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lately: My Birthday

A few pictures from my birthday.
It's a tradition that we go to Pappadeaux for special occasions... it's just so GOOD! 
IMG_6474 copy IMG_6478 IMG_6479
We had a bit of a wait but they had a nice little area and we just sat around, throwing pennies in wishing wells and enjoying the weather. 
IMG_6486 copy IMG_6488 copy IMG_6484
Like that henna? It's my new thing lately. 

So I'm 22 now. It's kind of weird? I keep forgetting that I'm one year older! But it's nice to not be "21". I just feel like there's a lot of stigma for people that are 21. Like they go around and party all the time. Not me though, cause I'm 22 now ;) 

IMG_5162 copy