Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Guest Post: True Blue Abbi

Hello all you readers of My Latest Obsession! Samantha and I swapped buttons a little while ago, and she was kind enough to let me post on her blog! Let me introduce myself.

My name is Abbigayle Rashae, and I'm a fifteen (soon to be sixteen!) year old lifestyle blogger from Iowa. I've been homeschooled since the middle of sixth grade, and will be a Junior this fall. I've always adored fashion, music, photography, writing, reading, and food. I've had my lifestyle blog, True Blue Abbi, for nearly three years now. When I started out, I never would have thought it would turn into such a huge part of my life. But, I'm so glad with where things have gone and the people I've met along the way!
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Today I wanted to go ahead and share with you guys a little bit about my style. I mainly post personal outfits on my blog, so I wanted to let you guys see how weird I am, for yourselves (:

I've described my style in the past as 85% Minimalistic and 15% Maverik, meaning, I mainly stick to basics (jeans and tees anyone?) but like to take small risks, especially with accessories and such. My blog has been such a big confidence booster (my self-esteem is still not all, but getting a little better) and has also helped me to take more fashion risks. Seeing how other bloggers style things and being able to soak in more inspiration has been so great. Over the past year I've really played around with my style, and have loved what has come from it!

These are a few of the photos I've put on my blog for outfit posts in the past couple of months! Enjoy!
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If you guys are still interested, I'd love for you to hop over to my blog. I love meeting new people online and making new friends, so leave a comment letting me know you stopped by! Thanks for reading through my guest post on Sam's blog today!

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