Friday, April 26, 2013

Joy: Birthday!

It's my birthdayyyy! I am turning 22 today guys. I feel old and young at the same time? 
So lots of good things have been happening lately, especially the last couple of days so a Joy post is in order! 

Things I'm happy about lately: 
  • Exciting and inspiring business plans with friends. We're going to move mountains ya'll  
  • Wonderful experiences with new and old friends
  • We've been doing lots of dreaming, things we are determined to make happen 
  • Today is my birthday! 
  • Yesterday I got to meet one of the founders of doTerra and hear the story of how they were created. Amazing and so inspirational. I'm so lucky to be apart of this company. 
  • I also got my first check in the mail, woooo! 
  • I've been working really hard on making over our powder bath and it's looking so good. I'm pretty proud of myself (a before and after coming up on that!) 
  • I got myself some henna and surprised myself with my abilities. I guess all those flower and swirl doodles I did all the time in school payed off! 
  • So grateful for a family that loves and cares about us. Even though they may be a little crazy sometimes 
  • Grateful for really special friends... they're crazy too but in a good way :) 
  • Grateful for friends that make us feel normal in a world that thinks we're crazy. 
  • My baby, Eliza. I can't even believe how big she is getting (the other day she told me she had a crush! What?!) 
  • My main man, Brandon. He's so good to me and I'm so happy he's getting involved in so many wonderful things. I'm so glad to have him to myself now and not having to share him with UPS. 
  • We've been working really great together, we make an awesome team. But we've both got some fun things going on the side. It's just been really fun! 
  • Speaking of which, you guys should tune in at 12:00 (central time) to hear The Ridiculous Hour! Brandon is the producer now! Or you can just listen to Local Live Houston, that's cool too. 
  • I'm also excited to be in Houston right now, some great things are happening here and I'm so excited to be right in the middle of it! 
  • One big thing that we haven't really told anyone is that we are kind of, maybe thinking about buying a house?! We would like to buy one with lots of rooms/space to start a little co-op. It's just at the dreaming stages right now so it's not for sure but this is something I'm getting really excited about. Any suggestions/tips/advice for first time home buyers?? We could use all the help we can get! 
Gosh, everything just feels so good lately. It's been one of those weeks that was kind of stressful and lots of work but I feel like everything is just falling into place and good, good things are about to happen. 

And today's my birthday so I'm just soaking in all the joy and being thankful. 

Thank you all for coming here and reading my posts every (well almost every) day. It means so much to me and I love that I can call you guys my friends. Seriously, this blog is one of the joys in my life and I can't express how much it brightens my days. So thank you to all of my readers, you guys are amazing. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise! 

Happy Friday ya'll, I hope you have a terrific, fantastic, wonderful, magical weekend! 

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