Monday, February 25, 2013

Mingle Monday: So Human An Animal

Lately, Brandon and I have been spending a lot of time reading. I recently mentioned doing a post about all of the books we've been delving into and then Brandon offered to do a guest post on his current book!

 Soooo, here is Brandon with his latest book obsession: 

The search for a book often involves sifting through many titles, authors, or decoding Dewey decimals in an establishment whose main purpose is the distribution of printed works. Rarely are you wondering aimlessly through a street market in search of no particular thing and a book finds you.

So Human an Animal lay torn and tattered betwixt many an odd trinket. Intrigued by the unfamiliar geometric patterns on the cover I picked it up; growing more intrigued as the bright green tag denoting a price of one American dollar came in to focus. A Pulitzer Prize winning work by a renowned biologist on its last leg being hawked for four quarters. Just the kind of deal I look for. I quietly placed a dollar where the book had laid and strolled away with great focus on my recent purchase.

Rene Dubos lays out an incredible argument for the necessities of man and how they are and forever will be woven into the fabric of our environment. Strengthened by the increasing clarity that no amount of unhinged technological advances can replace the rich and diverse ecosystems from which we came, and which are vital to our positive progression. My intent for this post is not to give you a book report; only to entice you to be truly captured by the remarkable insight and wealth of knowledge Rene Dubos posses on the human experience.

Inspiring quotes from So Human an Animal

“ It is a truism that technological advances do not determine what is desirable but only what is feasible at a single time.”

“ The past is not dead history it is the living material out of which man makes himself and builds the future.”   

A poem by Charles Madison

I see death
death of man
of his soul
of his nature

Let him live with the world
not as his master
but as his brother
his eternal friend

We are bound to our friend
by air by water
by space and time
we float we work together

The stars do not hold salvation
it is underneath your feet
between your toes
filling your lungs

may we look after one another
with every turn
love as our compass
we will sail for always 

Also to make this post a bit more engaging I would love to offer my copy to any interested reader with the only condition being that I receive some type of informative collateral: pamphlet, novel, comic, or perhaps another title from Rene Dubos that you feel you must share. That way there is one less excuse not to read it.
Mi biblioteca es tu biblioteca.

With that I wish your encounter with So Human an Animal whether spontaneous or deliberate is just as resonate and enlightening.

Thanks Sam!