Thursday, February 7, 2013


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It was a hat kind of day, one of those abnormally warm days that we've been getting down here.
Also, a little peak into my current room. It's changed a little since this picture but I'm really loving the window, the bed on the floor, and the white walls. Ahhhh the white walls. You can see how I used it as my studio prior to this here
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I gifted my dad this wood polish for Christmas.... I don't think he's into it. So I took the initiative and polished some spoons for him! WHAT a difference. This stuff is great and only requires two ingredients! Easy peasy. 
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A plant I attempted to propagate like a year ago is finally sprouting some new leaves!!!!
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Annnnd my little garden. I'm so happy, happier than I ever thought to have a little garden. Everyday I check up on my little plants and am thrilled with the progress. It's fun. 
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And here's my little hippy corner. As we've been getting rid of stuff to fit all in one room, I've been discovering old things that are useful/meaningful to me. Especially at my dads, I've been finding a ton of old decor we used to have as children and totally digging it! For example, the stars on that plate stand, they used to be in my bathroom when I was little. I kind of love them! I also found that crate and a ton of awesome crystals so I put them on display! Something else I've been really enjoying these days is lighting incense. I used to love incense when I was a kid but have since forgotten about it. But lately it has been bringing me a lot of peace. If I'm ever stressed out, I'll just go up to my room, light some incense, and be instantly calmed.
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Going out to be a farmer gal, I mean overalls are kind of a must. Right? 
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Brussel sprouts... oh how I love them. 
And I'll leave you with this little passage from Radical Homemakers that sums up.. everything. Wonderful book. I highly recommend it. 

Life has been pretty great recently. Really busy but wonderful things have been happening.

I hope you guys are having a great week, I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already! Yay! 

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