Tuesday, February 26, 2013


A jumble of thoughts and joys over the last few days. 


Gosh, um life has been really great. I have often stopped and realize just how happy I have been, how great things are right now. However, along with that I have also found moments where I feel just completely overwhelmed. Everything changed so fast, sometimes I just feel like I can't keep up. Usually that's only when I'm over tired or my to-do list is overflowing... definitely a fixable problem. 

I'm We're working on a new schedule to kind of balance things out. I think an unstructured day is what leaves me feeling so unaccomplished when night time comes around. I think if I had solid chunks of time, designated to working/cleaning/playing than I could concentrate more during those times and relax when those times are up. 

I've been working hard on my dad's house, trying to... make it manageable. It's a big house filled with lots of stuff. I don't mean to make him sound like a hoarder (although he kind of is) but we had such a good system at our apartment where we put up everything Eliza wasn't supposed to get into. All of her toys were put away so that she would have to ask (and already clean up the previous toys) before she could dump more out. At my dad's though, everything in her reach gets pulled out, thrown around, and dragged all around the house. Frankly, it's more than we can (or want to) clean up every night. So 1) I've been trying to get rid of unnecessary things 2) trying to find a place for everything, a place that is a little more inaccessible to Eliza 3) setting boundaries for Eliza and letting her know what she can/can't play with and 4) working with Eliza on cleaning up her own messes again. It's gotten a lot better the last few days for sure. I guess it's just a matter of getting used to all of the new things. It's been a field day for her, so many new things to play with/ruin/distribute all over the house! Haha anyways. 

I had an amazing time at a show I did this weekend. The people and atmosphere alone are worth going for but I also did really well with my store stuff! I also swapped a few things, got some free goodies, and was gifted a beautiful tomato plant from a sweet old lady wondering around the market. We met lots of cool people and even had a bunch of friends come down to join us! Good, good day. 

I've also been booking tons of shows for Sam Wish in the upcoming months. I'm going to be a busy lady! I'm finally starting to REALLY get back to work and it feels good. I've got a whole rack of clothes waiting to be listed before I can start getting/making new things. I think I may focus more on handmade things though.... I do love vintage but... I don't know. We'll see. 

Speaking of work, Brandon has started helping me out with some of my store stuff and it is AWESOME. Just having someone else to share the stress with helps. He's been a huge help when it comes to doing shows/markets and now I've got him doing the shipping and some other small things (aka my least favorite work activities). So that's nice (:  Although I haven't been able to start any new projects, because I'm still playing catch up, I am really looking forward to dedicating some solid time towards making things again. It's been a while and I've been dreaming up lots of ideas!! 

My garden is doing really well. I try to work a little on it each day and it's quite relaxing. In about a month, we will start harvesting our goodies and I can't wait to see how it all turns out! Hopefully in the next day or two I will get to build another (smaller) raised bed and get everything I want to plant, in the ground. Oh! And I've already got some cherry tomatoes coming up! Those will probably be ready in about a week, eeeeeee!!

Umm, school is going well. It's pretty stress-free, I must say. Which is nice, so so nice. 

And I've been doing lots of fun homemaking stuff. I'll update more on that once I get some pictures to show! 

So we're off to a good start over here, just need to work on a schedule and figure out how to go about our days. They're so different now. Something I've found- it's fun to all go to sleep and wake up together. It's such a precious time to bond as a family. That's something we've never really had... It's the small things, right? (: 

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