Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY: Tree Necklace

I think I must have seen this at a craft show or on the internet and thought, hey I can make that! But usually you see the small ones that are like an inch or two in diameter. Whenever I decided to make one, I wanted to go bigger (cause everything in Texas is bigger, right?!). This is the only picture I have of mine, I loves it but definitely don't wear it enough.
You can find it in action in this post or see it up close here

For Christmas, I decided to make my sister one! It was a little hard to recall how I made it but eventually I kind of figured it out and made sure to take pictures to remember!! Here's how I made hers, it's a little different from than the one above but just as cool. (Excuse my yellow-y photos, I didn't realize my lighting was so bad) 

First, you'll need a 3" craft ring (found at Michaels), some thin wire, rock looking beads in the color of your choice, some little pliers with wire cutters, and super glue. 

First, decide on how many "branches" you want. For hers I only used seven. On mine, I used ten. Cut them to about 17" long. Then start wrapping the ends of wire around the craft ring, making sure you conceal the ends beneath the coils. For a little more stability, I super glued them because they kept sliding all over the place. 
Next, load your branches up with the rock beads. This will take some maneuvering and testing out. The amount of beads you use will really depend on how many branches you have and how full you want the tree to look. I always put less beads on the branches towards the outside. And here's a little tip, bend the wire at your last bead so that they don't slip off during the next step. 
IMG_3001 copy
And now, starting with one branch, bring them down to the bottom. I like to use one branch that goes down and makes the trunk. Then the others I will bring towards the trunk, wrap around the trunk a little, and then go back out towards the bottom to wrap around the bottom of the craft ring and form the "roots". 
You can see here that I used one of the branches on the outside, this made the trunk go at kind of an angle. Then I took another one and started wrapping around the trunk. When I was satisfied with that, I brought it towards the bottom and wrapped it around the bottom of the craft ring. Once all of the branches were secured at the bottom of the craft ring, I hit them with some super glue again so that they wouldn't slide around. 

With the wire that was showing such as the "roots" and that one branch that you see below, I grabbed them with my pliers and just twisted it a little in different spots to form a kink. I think this gives it a more natural, root/branch look. And especially with the branches, it helps the rock beads from sliding down. 
And here's the finished piece!! I ended up mixing some blue and green rock beads and think it came out looking pretty cool! To attach to a necklace, I just got some chain and some jump rings (the circle things) and attached it on to the chain. 

Bam! Tree necklace!!
IMG_5162 copy