Monday, February 18, 2013

A Few Things: Moving

I'm sure I have said it over and over and over but I am SO excited to be moving back into my dad's house. Moving back into your parent's house can be a daunting experience so I wanted to just write out why I'm so excited. And maybe in a few months when I start to go a little crazy and start to doubt my decision, I can come back to this post and be reminded of the reasons we are doing this!!! 

Alright so first there's the no roach thing. Our apartment had a serious infestation. I won't go any further but it's such a blessing to be able to walk into a room without searching it first for roaches. I can not tell you how relieving it is. 

And then there's the whole, we won't have to pay rent thing. This is going to take a lot of stress off of us and is allowing Brandon to quit his life-consuming job at UPS. I'm SO grateful for this. For the past 3 years we have been living such a weird schedule and our lack of time together as a family has really started to get to me. It's just not worth it. So we will use the extra time to finish up with school and Brandon is going to help me with the store and possibly work some days with his mom. I'm also looking forward to being with Brandon more, to bonding more with him and healing certain areas of our relationship.  It's only been about a week since he's been off of work and I already feel closer to him. His last day of work we ended up getting in a huge fight and parted separate ways (I to my dads, Brandon to our apartment). But the next day we had a really reassuring conversation and I feel like this is just the beginning of something really great for us. I'm so lucky to have a man that doesn't think I'm completely crazy and actually agrees with most of the things I want/plan to do. I'm looking forward to getting closer to him and working out the kinks in our relationship. And working on/dreaming of our plans for the future. Now that school is almost over for us, we're really starting to evaluate our goals and things we believe in. We've got a lot to learn but it's fun to work it all out together. I know I can always count on Brandon for support and his honest opinion. We make a really good team. 

With Brandon not working and helping me with the store, I will have SO much more time. I can't even believe how busy we've been the past three years. I don't know how we did it. Our schedule was extremely tight and left little room for extra-curriculars. I'm excited to get to spend more time with Eliza and hopefully, we won't have to put her back in school. I may be becoming somewhat of a control freak but I think I'm at the point where I... we have started to live (much) differently than others and I don't want too much influence on her that I don't approve of. She is getting to be very curious and I just don't want her to be confused by conflicting opinions. This has already become hard enough with members of our family that don't agree with us but when she's spending so much time at school, that's a whole other factor. This is probably the hardest part of some of the choices we've made. Besides the disapproval we get from people around us, I worry about Eliza and how it will affect her. Sometimes I wish we could just move far, far away from everyone so that we can control everything that goes into that beautiful little mind of hers.... but then that would really be crazy, wouldn't it?! 

With all the extra time, I will be able to work more on my store, put more effort into gardening/growing our own food, practicing my homemaker skills, and getting out into the community more/making friends! In the three years we have been here, we have almost no friends. It's sad to say but true. We've just been so busy and honestly, I really didn't care about making friends. Now though, I realize the importance of building a community around us. This is something I'm really looking forward to. The past year, I've been extending myself a little more and have found a lot of joy connecting with people. A year ago, I was yearning for a move. Anywhere but here. Now, I can't imagine leaving. I've met so many people through my store, the shows I've done, and also through essential oils. I feel like we're making some great headway and finding a lot of great people that bring us joy. It's a really good thing for us and I'm excited to meet some more like-minded people to hang out with. 

Speaking of homemaking, I've been doing some really fun things!! My dad totally thinks I'm crazy but on some level I think he finds it interesting. I've heard more stories of his relatives in the past week than I have my whole life! It's fun to hear the little bits of my family history while even learning from the way they did things back then. Who knew that hanging your laundry out to dry could inspire conversation/bonding like that? Not me, that's for certain. But I'm not complaining! 

Things are a lot different this time around (compared to the last time we lived here) but in a very good way. This time we're really trying to improve not only our lives but my dad's too. First, I'm trying to makeover his eating habits. And so far, it's been pretty successful. Last night was the first time he's cooked since I've been here and I came home to a beautifully cooked, vegetarian spaghetti! It was SO good ya'll. And the other thing, we are trying to work on his house. It's getting pretty old and needs a lot of maintenance. Since he slaves away at his job most of the time, it's up to us to get some things down around here! I hope that when we are ready to leave we will leave a lasting impression at his house. My dad has supported us in so many ways, I hope that we can repay him a little in what we make of our time here.

As of today we are officially moved in and our lease is over. Now we're just trying to get things put away and settled in. We've been getting rid of so many things and I guess we're going to have a garage sale? So much stuff. I really thought I had minimized but moving our whole house into one bedroom really puts into perspective what we REALLY need to get by. 

Hopefully within the next week I'll get back on a regular blogging schedule. Hope you guys have been well! 
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