Tuesday, January 15, 2013

House Tour: Bedroom (Round 2)

Before I completely move out of our apartment, I wanted to make sure I did a house tour! I really love this space. It will always be our first apartment, so many good memories (: If you want, you can see the last bedroom tour here. As you can tell, I have done lots of minimizing since then! Geesh I had a lot of stuff huh? 
So we'll start at my door and go around. 
My clothes rack which holds half of my closet. 
IMG_3122 copy
Polaroids we took while I was pregnant and after Eliza was born
IMG_3124 copy
That door leads to our laundry room. 
IMG_3162 copyIMG_3155 copy
Eliza's bed... that she hardly ever sleeps in. And a quilt from my aunt! 
IMG_3151 copy
Our little reading corner filled with Brandon and Eliza's books. And a piece of cardboard that we painted as a family. It's kind of a tree? And you can see some Eliza footprints on it! 
IMG_3126 copy
Our bed and a thrifted trunk to keep extra linens in. 
IMG_3143 copy
Giant mirror (love that thing), rack with hats and bags, and Gustav Klimt
IMG_3173 copy copy
And the other (messy) half of my closet. Or what's left of it. 

So that's our bedroom!! The lighting and wall color made the pictures all weird so I did my best to fix it? I'll share some more in a few days, I'm probably going to space them out a bit. I can't wait to share our new bedroom though. It's going to be good!  
IMG_5162 copy