Saturday, January 12, 2013

Girlish Garb: Tie Dye

IMG_2941 IMG_2928 copy 
An outfit of all my favorite clothes!! I wear this cardigan almost every day. It's pretty amazing. As well as the necklace... and the boots. And the dress. It's my go-to when I'm lazy and want to be super comfy. P.S. Don't mind my third day hair. I hate bathing when it's cold outside. Brrrr!

Outfit Details: 
Cardigan- Thrifted 
Dress- Thrifted and Bleached 
Necklace- DIY 
Boots- Etsy 
Socks- Target
IMG_2931 copy IMG_2935 copy IMG_2951

This past week has been so, so wonderful. Brandon took two weeks off for vacation and it's so nice to have him home all the time. Even though we are splitting time between houses (our apartment and my dad's) we've spent so much time together that we otherwise wouldn't have. It's so weird to think we've been on this crazy schedule for almost three years!! I can't wait for Brandon to quit his job. Seriously. Also, we've had so many visitors this week. I feel very loved (: We don't get many house guests because we live so far away so we've been very lucky and happy to have them come! 

Oh and we are going camping tomorrow!! We have been wanting to go for a while but yesterday finally sat down and booked a reservation! It's a little short notice but we're only going for a night and we start school on Tuesday so it had to be this weekend. I'm SO EXCITED. A wilderness adventure is just what I need before the craziness starts. 

Not much else has been happening. Just relaxing. Doing some work here and there. And trying to whip my dad's house into shape. It's a little overwhelming at times but I'm taking it one room at a time. There's just so much stuff. But I'm glad I've got in the habit of minimizing, it's been a big help as I'm trying to reduce the amount of crap here. Oi vey!! 

I'm not looking forward to starting school again. But I'm so close to finishing, I can taste it! I just keep repeating to myself, "It's almost over. It's almost over". After this semester I will only need one more class to get my associates! Woop woop! 
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