Thursday, December 6, 2012


A few things we've been up to lately.
This was over the break. We had a get together and saw a lot of friends we hadn't seen in a while
IMG_2068 copy
My two broken boys. My brother on the right broke his foot and our friend, Garret on the left broke his jaw playing rugby. Ouch!
IMG_2086 IMG_2082 IMG_2079
IMG_2077 IMG_2076 IMG_2089Check Check out that beard!!
IMG_2100 IMG_2104
Not sure why he has a cigarette because he doesn't smoke... perhaps posing? 
Cute hands!
IMG_2096 IMG_2092
My cute best friend with his cute girlfriend! They just celebrated their one year anniversary!! I'm so happy for them (:
These pictures below are from my pop shop on Black Friday/Small Business Saturday. It was held in this art studio that I think these head things were created in. The four statues standing in the back are the Beatles. And then we have the Houston skyline in the background. I love this picture (taken by Brandon!)
IMG_2107 IMG_2128 copy
IMG_2326 copy
I've been doing lots of de-cluttering in my workspace/old room. Time to let go of a lot of things!! 
And these are some pictures from over the weekend. My life has been a hectic mess lately, I've been trying to see the beauty through it all and turned to my camera to capture some of that. 
Working/blogging on my couch, always surrounded by toys
We splurged a little for Brandon's birthday (: 

One of my presents to Brandon, skittle infused vodka!! 
IMG_2346 copy
Waiting for Brandon for our HOT DATE ;) 
IMG_2349 copy
Recycled paper wrapping
Mommy + daughter pictures! 
IMG_2373 copy
I don't know why but I love driving with my family. It's fun!
IMG_2377 IMG_2383
IMG_2390 copy
Playing with my tea set from when I was a babe...
Cute messes
IMG_2421 copy
A picture that Eliza painted.
Some rambling thoughts I've been having lately: 
Resenting the consumerism of christmas.... well just holidays in general. I didn't decorate or do anything for Halloween or Thanksgiving. And I'm debating whether I want to do anything for Christmas. Of course, there are the handmade things we can make without participating in the consumerism but just going out to stores is sickening! I've had enough of it already and it's barely even December! So I think I'm just going to avoid going to stores and muster up some holiday spirit to at least participate in other activities that don't involve shopping. 
Also resenting my house but I'm trying to work on that. Not going to lie, we have a roach infestation and I've tried EVERYTHING to no avail. It's been really hard for me because I HATE roaches but I'm realizing that in an apartment, I don't have control over it and I just need to cope. We only have about 2 months left on our lease and then we'll be OUT FOR GOOD. Needless to say, I can't wait. And for the times when it's really hard to bare, I've been staying at my dad's. It helps a bit. 
Those two reasons are making me not want to decorate (for holidays). I'm still celebrating but am kind of stuck with what to do and feel like I'm protesting maybe? I am trying to do 0 shopping this holiday season. We were kind of thinking of doing a no present christmas but I don't think that's something we can pull that off just yet. I think we need to take it in steps so for now we are doing a simplified Christmas. We have attempted to tell our parents but I'm not sure they get it. They have been warned that all dumb toys will be staying with them, not coming home with us! We want only books and clothes for Eliza as she has enough toys. And any toys she gets, we would like them to be from us because of our preference on what we want her to play with. 
Also lately I've had a deep appreciation for my body which I hope stays a while. I've been trying to stay out of the "fashion" world and it's really helped me to get past the longing for a "perfect" body. I've spent all this time trying to make my body be something it's not instead of appreciating it for what it is! I can do so many wonderful things with my body and it's time that I acknowledged it and treat my body with a little more respect (exercise, eating healthy, being grateful). That being said, I've been very comfortable with myself lately. That's a good feeling. 
Brandon's birthday was last weekend! Annnd we kicked it off with a 3 hour fight! We yelled and screamed and managed to ruin half of his birthday plans but in the end, it was worth it. We had a very long stressful week and with zero communication to figure things out, it really ended with a bang. But you know, the best part about fights is that you are able to get down to the REAL problem and you can just let it all out. Something we've been learning for a while is how to handle our reactions to each other and sacrificing our stubbornness to work things out between us. It's a hard thing, relationships are hard ya'll!!
But anyways, we ended up going out to meet friends. We had a very relaxing and wonderful Saturday morning before Brandon had to go to rehearsal and I to work. Saturday night we managed to squeeze in the date we had originally planned for on Friday and ate at our favorite restaurant, Pappadeaux. It was, of course, DELICIOUS. And then we picked up our baby and all went home to go to sleep together in our house for the first time in a while! On Sunday Brandon had to leave early for rehearsal so Eliza and I went to my dad's to hang out for a bit. Around mid-day we drove down town to go to a pop up show, ate some delicious hot dogs, and visited Brandon at rehearsal. When Brandon finally got home, I made dinner, we watched a few Ted Talks and Brandon put Eliza to bed while I took a test. I think I'm almost done with regular school work, now all that's left is my final exams! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! Now to just get past my finals... oi!
And again, I have to apologize about my absence. It's almost over though, after my exams I'll hopefully be back to regular posting! Only a few more days!! I can't wait to get a break and spend some time doing things I actually want to do!
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