Friday, November 2, 2012

Summer Dayzz Part 1

During the summer, I collaborated with a friend of mine on this photoshoot (it's a bit tardy, I know). He's really, super talented as you can see and I can't even tell you how much I love these pictures. I think they're all on film too. Right now he's in LA pursuing his career in film and I think he's going to rock it over there! If you remember us going to California, he was actually who we went to visit! 
So anyways, here are half of the pictures from the shoot-
420524_10151037858790194_848353338_n 303948_10151038835150194_913458309_n 404647_10151039022305194_893652705_n 576407_10151039306235194_1635004226_n 255427_10151044766685194_139886005_n 522412_10151043908655194_356078557_n 552454_10151043636660194_1181700100_n 536090_10151042356400194_1625231417_n 548462_10151047094410194_1169800788_n 581539_10151051249260194_1909381993_n 62517_10151053175925194_659785868_n 427789_10151052272975194_470787522_n 550733_10151050887185194_2106633097_n 44532_10151054371820194_2142712206_n 548686_10151055575260194_1974606516_n 3906_10151056007300194_1504124440_n 293782_10151059252455194_1122625858_n 47394_10151060958580194_653821816_n 553438_10151062926380194_374487244_n 546783_10151064297595194_173112669_n 66498_10151063600565194_1764040882_n 599469_10151067014690194_109514479_n 69701_10151067014120194_1524826828_n
photos by Casey Rup

IMG_5162 copy