Friday, November 16, 2012

New: Fabric Wrapped Bracelets

These are a new product I made for Sam Wish! They are bracelets wrapped in recycled fabric and then secured with wire. They're really fun to wear (I wear mine almost every day) and are even better when worn a bunch at a time! Here are a few, you can see the rest of them here
IMG_1652 copy moon IMG_1678moon IMG_1701moon IMG_1654moon IMG_1685 moon IMG_1666moon

What do you think?? 

Warning: Long & Rambly! 

Sooo I had an interesting day yesterday. First, Eliza and I woke up and went to school. After I dropped her off, I planned to stop by my dad's to print out some hw for my english class. I got all the way there and realized I didn't have my computer charger and my computer was DEAD! So I turned around and had to go all the way  to my house and back. I was 20 minutes late to class but turns out we just had to hand in our papers to the teacher, talk to her for a minute about them and then we were free to go!! Then I went home, finished listing some things for Sam Wish and then Brandon and I headed to Eliza's school to go see her perform a few songs with her class. It was ADORABLE. They sang about 10 Thanksgiving songs and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. A very proud moment for this momma. After that, we trekked up to my hometown to visit some friends that came in from California! We all went to the park so Eliza could play and while we were there my brother took the opportunity to do some skateboarding and hurt his foot! 

We went to my mom's house to wait for her to get off work. When we pulled up, this chic came up to tell us that some guy had to do maintenance for AT&T. While she was there, she saw my bracelets (the new ones above, I was wearing some) and wanted to buy one off me right there and then! That was pretty cool. My mom came home and since we still didn't know how serious my brother's injury was, my mom called her nurse friend who confirmed that he needed to go to the ER. So they left to do that. My older sister came over and her, Eliza, and I went to go get Buffalo Wild Wings (my Thursday ritual) and came back to watch GLEE. It was Grease themed, looooove. My brother and Mom got back and he HAD broken his foot and is actually going back to the doctor today to possibly get surgery. Yikes! Our California friends came back over (they left after the park) and we hung out till about 11:30 before we started our hour long journey back home. Brandon and Eliza both fell asleep in the car and I listened to the radio about world news. It was basically all about the Israel/Gaza thing. I'm not usually the person to follow that kind of thing but it was interesting and really humbling. Our country is so awesome. How lucky are we that wars aren't going on over here and we don't have to worry about bombs in our city? 

Yesterday was a great day overall. I got out of school early, we got to spend time with our friends, have a park outting and spend time outside, eat bww and watch glee with my sister, and most importantly it reminded me to be thankful for all the great things I have in my life. Just in time for THANKSgiving! I love my family, our friends, I have a healthy body and live in an amazing country that takes care of me. What more could I ask for? 

P.S. Thanks for everyone that has their email connected to blogger and/or leaves their email in a comment! I've been responding to them by email, I hope you are getting them!! 
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