Wednesday, November 14, 2012


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First of all, I want to tell you guys that I appreciate each and every comment you leave! I get so excited every time I see that I have a new comment and I read every single one. 

That said, I'm so SO bad at replying in a timely manner. I try to always respond to comments but they may not come until a month later. Mostly because blogger makes it kind of difficult.... and partly due to lack of time. But even if I do respond, it never notifies the comment leaver and do you guys really go back and see if I responded? 

So I have a proposal. If you use blogger, if you would please edit your blogger profile so that the "Show my email address" box is checked. This will allow me to reply via email!! And if you don't use blogger or just don't want to do that, maybe leave your email address in the comment? So I can respond that way. I'll always go back and try to respond to comments regardless of what you do but it might be quicker if I can respond via email. I'm just trying to find a more efficient way to respond to comments so that you guys will actually SEE them. You know? 

What would you guys prefer though? I mean, ultimately it's up to you how you wish to receive a response. What do you think? 

And bloggers, do you have any suggestions?? 
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