Monday, November 12, 2012

Blogger's Swap

For those that already saw, this was posted a few days ago but I forgot to write anything about it!! 
A few weeks ago, Nicole from A Broke Bride contacted me about doing a blogger swap! Of course, I was all in! We all were assigned people to send goods to and Nicole sent me a lovely little package. Here is what was in it: 
IMG_1135 copy IMG_1148 copy IMG_1153 copy IMG_1160 IMG_1161 IMG_1165 IMG_1163
Can you guess who my little helper was?! I loved everything! I haven't gotten to try to jelly or tea yet (I've been so sick) but I'm finally getting my appetite back and will have to try them out soon! I love the sparkly black bobby pins, especially because I wear bobby pins every single day!! The buttons are too cute and the belt is sweet! But the best part was the presentation. I mean check out that box! The package I sent out was not nearly as cute as this (woops). 

Anyways, thanks so much girl! Love it all and definitely can't wait to get that jelly on some toast!! 

So life lately. We've all been taking turns getting sick. So sick. And not like the "Ooh my nose is runny and I've got a little cough" sick. Like puking every hour, it hurts to get out of bed sick. It's been horrible but I think the worst of it is behind us. I'm finally getting my appetite back (as I said above) and can eat solids like a normal person now!! YES! 

Besides being sick I've been crammed with work and homework. What's new? But the weekends have been great. Last weekend we went camping. Did I mention that already? I'll post pictures later... And this weekend I had a little show. Which was kind of a bust but I got the workout of my life and had fun in the process. I just like the experience of those things. It's just fun. Today we spent all day lounging around the house, reading, doing homework, the occasional tidying up, and eating delicious food. It's been great. Oi, I don't really want it to be monday yet..... 

Anything new with you guys?? 
IMG_5162 copy