Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Few Things: Why I Make/Sell Clothes

I wrote out this post a few months ago but didn't end up posting it because I thought it was a bit much. I saved it and eventually it got buried under all the posts I've done since then. But this weekend... was a rough one. At one point I completely broke down and was starting to question a lot of things, mostly about my business and why I sell clothes. Everything I once thought and felt about my business seemed so wrong. Like my whole world had been turned upside down. I was so lost. But luckily I had Brandon to knock some sense into me and remind me why I love my business. And after a successful day at my show, I started to remember why I was doing it all. Then I thought about this post and it really brought it home for me. Oh ya, I remember now. I can never seem to explain it all to people what the purpose of my store is so I wrote it all out. 

So that everyone will know but also as a reminder for myself in case I ever loose my way. ***********************************************************************
It took me a while to sit down and really think about the purpose of my store. Why do I do this? What good is it for? What do I get out of it and why? 
I am the enemy of fashion. I don't like it. I don't like what it represents and I don't like what I think of when I think of "fashion". This is what I think of when "fashion" pops up in my head: disposable fashion, trends, designer labels, extremely high, over the top prices, the more money you pay-the "cooler" you are, a certain "look", stick thin, anorexic models, the pressure of fitting in, the pressure of having the perfect body, materialism, big businesses, money. Fashion. It's a hard thing to combat and I'm sure when people see my store, they don't get what I'm trying to do. And sometimes I just don't have the time to explain it all. I have so much vision for my store but never enough time to tell everyone about it. I want all of you to know what it's all about. What I try to do with my store, how I try to make a difference in my own little way. So here goes: 
I clothe people. Clothing is my art. I believe clothing is essentially you. What you wear, represents you. Your look changes with changing style and interests. It gives people an idea of maybe, who you are, but definitely gives them an idea about your tastes. For me, it is a expression of myself. What I wear also highly depends on my mood. Essentially my being. So, this is my art. And to me, art should have a purpose, a meaning. Clothes, obviously are needed to protect our bodies. They are also used to express ourselves. But with my store, I also strive to add another meaning. I want it to be eco-friendly, I want to give back not just to our people but to our earth. And by that, I mean I want to be able to clothe ourselves, express ourselves without damaging the earth we live on. Did you know that 90% of the worlds insecticides are used on cotton? Think about THAT next time you put on a t-shirt. And it's not just that. It's the underpriced workers that create our garments. It's the waste that goes into creating each garment. It's the landfills that are filling up with just the SCRAPS it takes to make one piece of clothing. It's the chemicals used to make fabric. It's the waste when all the clothes two months ago have gone out of style and we must throw them away and buy MORE. Because of all this, I want to create clothing that's sustainable. And I want to provide that at a decent price. I want them to be stylish but also something you can wear for more than a few months. I want to design clothes that fit well. I want to design clothes I would wear, I would love wearing, and are comfortable. I want clothes that make you feel good about your body, accentuate all your favorite features and make you feel magnificent in your own body. 
Brandon always gets mad at me but sometimes I take forever to pick out an outfit. I'll put something on and it may look okay but if I don't feel right in it, if it's not completely on par with how I'm feeling, I won't wear it. Because if I don't find something I can be completely me and comfortable in, I will feel weird and self conscious all day. I want to be able to throw on an outfit that I feel good in, think I look good in, and won't have to worry about how I look all day. I don't think we should walk around in a dress that hurts or jeans that are uncomfortably tight. I want logical, useful clothes.
 I want to start from the basics (as I've done with most things in my life) and think of things that actually make sense. For example, I've been designing dresses that I (a c cup) can wear without a bra. Yes, and the "girls" will be supported. Without a bra. And I also designed a bra that is cuter than a sports bra but is easy to make, doesn't involve wire or any of that nonsense, and is supportive (this one took a LOT of work). I just want so much more out of my clothing. As I've become more minimalist, it's been a rough path to figure out my clothing situation and what to do with it. I love clothes, I think I always will. But my mentality of thinking about them has changed. Why spend money on something that you're only going to wear a few times? Don't create that waste. You don't NEED it. But to have clothes that you love and will last, isn't that worth an investment? Especially when it's handmade (with love) or vintage (or just pre-owned) and will last you double the time those cheap department store clothes will? It becomes more than just a thing, a useless, dumb thing. It's protection, it's comfort, it's style, it's self expression, and it's earth friendly. Oh and it's supporting small business too (: 
I always thought it was weird to say that clothes represented me or express who I am... maybe? I don't know. But tonight I had a revelation. I realized a year ago I was into cutesy, vintage, girly things. You could see it in my store, my home, and my clothes. But I changed and soon discovered minimalism and have taken on a more natural, simple, and alternative way of life. And you can definitely tell that in my clothes. As my interests changed, so has my style, and has thus affected the clothes I wear. So it truly is a representation of my self. I have grown into this new person and my clothes can tell you that! 
So support small businesses this christmas. Support the earth this christmas! Be the change you want to see in the world. Because Christmas is about giving right? And I think it's about time we change how we buy/think about clothes. 
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