Monday, October 15, 2012

Mingle Monday: Sole

It's that time again! Today I have a really special guest who just opened an online shop that I completely and totally adore!


Hello! I’m Katia from the blog Kitty Snooks and I’m here to talk to you about my latest online endeavor: My own Etsy shop, Solé Designs. Right now I am selling handmade, wooden necklaces that are all one of a kind in their design. No two pendants are the same! I use a wood burning technique and real wooden slices to make my necklaces and it’s a process I just love and am mega passionate about – I am so glad I have the opportunity through my blog and social media to bring my pieces to others! I use nickel-free, lead-free for the chain of the necklaces, and I strive to be generally environmentally friendly with my necklaces. The wood I use is literally cut straight from found branches and I don’t treat the wood whatsoever. I loved the idea of wearing a little piece of nature with me wherever I go and wanted to get that with my necklaces. I have grown closer and closer to nature in the past few months and find it refreshing to retreat from the busy, manufactured world we live in, and find solace in/with nature. It’s soothing, and it’s unquestionably real. And that’s why I’m trying to focus on the environment with my work. I have big plans for Solé, and I hope to expand it from just necklaces. For now though, I am testing the waters in the Etsy and business world, and I so far, I’m loving it! This post actually comes at a great time –there are new necklaces for sale of this past weekend, fresh off the metaphorical press! If you’d like to check out the necklaces you can find them HERE, and be sure to like us on Facebook HERE for more regular updates about our products! Thanks for reading!
Ahh, thanks so much Katia! I love the purpose behind your store and the actual necklaces are amazing. Seriously. So check out this gal's store and if you want to learn more about Katia, you can check out her blog Kitty Snooks (one of my favorites)! 

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