Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Henna Hair Dye

Back in this post about Lush, I mentioned that I had gotten some henna hair dye. And then when I posted the pictures from my last outfit post, I realized I should probably go ahead and do it (helloooo fading hair!). 
Soo this is what I got- Caca Marron Henna Hair Dye
I decided to use 3 squares from the whole block. I just cut them off with a knife and then put them in a ziploc bag. I was going to smash them but I apparently don't have one of those meat hammer things so I tried banging the whole bag on the floor to no avail. I resorted to just taking out the larger chunks and cutting them with a knife. I should have just done that in the first place! So that's my advice to you. I wouldn't even want to ATTEMPT to grate this stuff. Just cut into the smallest pieces you can get. 
So this is what it looks like all smashed up. 
And then I boiled a few cups of water and dumped some in. I let it melt for a few minutes and then stirred it until pancake batter consistency (mine was still a bit chunky but I tried my best). They say "yogurt" type consistency soooo I just kinda guessed. I do know that you don't want it thick or it'll be hard to apply. 
IMG_9941 copy
And this is what it looked like after mixing. 
My next note of advice is to completely cover the bathroom in newspaper! Seriously, this stuff is MESSY. And you can't really help it. I'm kind of a hair dying pro and thought I would get by. I'm SO glad that I ended up putting the newspaper down though because I was definitely wrong in that assumption. Oh and speaking of that, wear gloves!!
Here is me applying. I used an applicator brush from Sally's, so helpful. I started from the top, went down a side and then started back at the top and went down the other side. Make sure you get the back as well. 
Then wrap your head up with seran wrap!! And look super cool (: I seriously tried to conceal this sucker but after trying about 10 different ways of hiding it, I gave up. It just made it worse. All hopes of going out like this were forgotten. 
IMG_9953 copy
And here is some proof of the mess it makes. So I kept it on for 6 hours (which was about all I could stand) and then took a very long time rinsing it out. I used shampoo and conditioner. It took about 10 minutes but it wasn't quite as hard as all the tutorials made it seem. Ya, it has coffee grinds in it so it's not a piece of cake but it's totally conquerable. And then, to make sure it didn't stain the tub, I washed it with some tub cleaner. 

And here are the results!! I'm pretty stoked. As you could see in the first picture, I definitely needed. And this is kind of the perfect color for fall. 
IMG_0494 IMG_0488
Henna=great success!

Let me know if you guys have any questions or if I left anything out! It was quite a process but worth it, no harmful chemicals were involved in this process (: 

Oooh! Also, next time I think I'll use wine to mix it with. I hear this makes it more red? 

IMG_5162 copy