Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Sleeveless Button Up

I've seen tops like this around lately and thought... hey! I can make that! And so I did. Here's a little tutorial so that you can too!! 
IMG_0844 copy
All you need is a long sleeve, button up blouse, scissors, sewing pins, and a sewing machine. 
Start by laying out your blouse. 
Then cut off the sleeves, just inside the seam. 
Lay your shirt back out and make sure the cut is even
Now we're going to do a rolled hem. This is a really easy way to finish hems (I use it a lot when making clothes). First, you fold over the edge (as little as you can make it) and sew close to the raw edge. You can also substitute this step with ironing the edge down but I like doing this a lot better (it's easier and faster). 
Then, fold it over again and sew over the first stitches. You don't have to have it exactly on the stitch but if you do, it'll make it look like it's only sewn once! 
So here is a look on the wrong side, there are two stitches. 
But on the right side, you only see one stitch! Ta da! 
Now you've finished the arm hole but if you used a large shirt, it might be a bit big and you'll be able to see your bra. So what I do is try the shirt on inside out... 
IMG_0880 copy
And then pull it in enough to cover your bra. Do it on both sides to make sure it won't be too tight. Basically you're taking in the shirt on the sides.
Take the shirt off and pin a line so you know where to sew. 
Sew on both sides and make sure it's all even. Now you can leave the extra on there or cut it off. I serged my edges but I believe you can do a zig zag stitch on the edges so that they don't fray. 
And now you have a stylish, sleeveless blouse! 
IMG_0906 copy

This is a super easy fix that I use a lot when upcycling clothes. The rolled hem technique has proven really helpful to me, I usually use it on all sleeves and around collars. P.S. see the black necklace, bracelet, and velvet bracelet?! I've got tutorials in the making for those so keep an eye out ;) 

I've been on a crafty kick the past week. Mostly because I realized I haven't made anything for myself in a while and wanted to get out of the little rut I had dug myself. It's been fun and I've got a million projects bouncing around in my head. Oi! So little time, so much to do! 

IMG_5162 copy