Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY Laptop Case

A few Christmas's ago I made Brandon a laptop case. And then I never got around to making myself one! Fast forward about two years and I have finally gotten a laptop case but it was oversized and ugly. So here's a little tutorial on what I did to spruce it up! 

First off, I bought a case from the store that has a little cushion to it and I think it's waterproof? It was originally a little bigger than my computer so I turned it inside out and took it in a bit on the sides and bottom. Now my laptop is as snug as a bug in a rug! 
But it's still kinda ugly. And plain. So I decided I wanted to do a little something with it. My original thought was to cover it with lace but then I decided to go for something a less girly and a little more funky. So I dug through my scraps and found three pieces of fabric to piece together. 
I laid them out how I wanted them, made sure to clean up the edges and sewed the pieces together like a quilt.
Then I pinned it down to my laptop case, making sure there wasn't any extra slack anywhere. 
I trimmed off excess around the edges making sure to leave about 1/2 an inch around the edge. Then I went around and tucked the raw seam underneath and pinned it all down. 
You can see here how I folded it under- 
I made sure to pin it quite a bit so that I wouldn't have to worry about it while sewing. 
And it was a kind of awkward thing to sew, so this is how I stitched it. I got kind of lazy and decided I didn't care too much about making it look perfect so this is what my stitching looked like!!! 
And this is how it turned out! I also sewed it down in the middle if you can see that. 
The scraps I used are all from hemming up dresses/pants for the store. I love that I can look at these fabrics and remember where each of them came from, like a little story (: 

Soo that's just a quick fix for an ugly, boring laptop case. The possibilities are endless really! You could use one piece or use lots of little pieces, just go crazy!! 
IMG_5162 copy