Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY Bracelet & Tube Top

I've had this velvet turtleneck in my "to be upcycled" stash for a while. It was absolutely horrible, I hate turtlenecks and it wouldn't even fit over my head. I don't know why I bought it... BUT I recently decided I needed to do something with it and these were two things I got out of it. There was a third but I'm still workin' on that one! 

So the first thing I made was a tube top-
First, I cut off the sleeves and neck of the shirt
IMG_0717 copy
Then, I cut off about an inch above where the sleeves ended. 
Then I sewed from the top of where I cut it and down (see picture)
And then I tucked down the raw edge and sewed that. 
Pretty simple right?! And now you have a cool velvet tube top!! 
IMG_0738 copy
P.S. this will be in the shop soon because I don't like wearing tube tops (my boobs are too big and I'd rather have something with straps!!)

And the next one is my FAVORITE! I took the sleeves and cut off the end
IMG_0697 copy
Then I folded it so that the part with all the stitching was underneath. 
I didn't take a picture but I went ahead and sewed it. Next time though I might sew it inside out or use a blind stitch so that you can't see the stitches from the front side. 

Then I cut an extra little piece about 1/2 an inch wide and 2-3 inches long. 
I wrapped it around the middle and hand stitched it in the back. 
It's like a turban bracelet?! I love it. I wear this guy so much, I need to make more. I'm actually thinking of making some for the store as well. What do you think? Is it something you might buy/be interested in?? 

So yesterday, my poor little Eliza got sick. I felt so bad, she woke up coughing and then started just throwing up everywhere! I had to pop up and grab a shirt to catch it all in before it got all over the bed! Talk about rude awakening. There's nothing like the sound of puking to wake you from your slumber! She threw up a few more times throughout the day and came down with a fever towards the end of the day. She's alright today though which is good. I guess it was just a one day thing. It was so strange though, kids throwing up is the worst. But let me tell ya, by the end of the day she got REALLY good at puking into a bucket. The first couple episodes ended up all over our carpet and other items (shirt and bed) sooo the bucket was an improvement.... haha, tmi? 

Sorry. Anyways, life has been good lately. I've been working on booking shows and photo shoots! Keepin' busy, ya know? I'm also trying to work on being more organized with scheduling and planning so I can keep it all together! I'm really working on time management so I can avoid getting stressed out and procrastinating. With work and school and Eliza it's a lot to handle and I want to be able to do my part in each without having to worry about the others. If that makes since? Like I want to be able to spend time with Eliza without worrying about school/work and vice versa. So I made a cool little planner and am getting organized!! I'm kind of obsessed with organizing. My life would be INSANE without it. 
IMG_5162 copy