Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best Veggie Sandwich Ever

Such an unexpectedly amazing sandwich that I just had to share. I literally just threw together a bunch of stuff I had in the kitchen and was pleasantly surprised by the results! 

What I used: 
Kalamata olive bread 
Mediterranean Cheddar 
Chard (you can also use spinach)
Garlic salt (or just garlic and some salt)
Lemon juice

First, I sauteed my onion. After a few minutes of cooking, I threw in some garlic salt, a small handful of chopped chard (just the leaves), and about a tablespoon of lemon juice. And I just cooked that for another minute or two. 
Then I toasted my bread and just layered everything together! Mouthwatering.  

We've been getting chard in our food coop box lately so I've been trying to find different ways to use it. Apparently it's not a very common thing and finding recipes are not so easy. Well after a DISASTROUS asian meal that I made with it (guys, it was so bad), I was a bit (to say the least) weary. But during our last visit to get our food, I asked the head lady how she prepared it. She suggested that I sautee it with some garlic and lemon juice so that's pretty much what I did! And it's pretty darn good! Today I made it as a little side dish (just the sauteed chard part) and decided to throw some mushrooms in there. WOW was that a good decision.... Seriously,  chard... who knew?! 
 IMG_5162 copy