Monday, September 3, 2012

Mingle Monday: Thriftary

Mingle Monday!!! Here's an amazing gal named Maddie! 

Hi Guys!!! I cannot tell you how stinkin' excited I am to be here on My Latest Obsession today, and to meet you of course. I am Maddie from Thriftary... And here... are some things to note about me.

1.    What got you into blogging and how long have you been at it?
Oh man – I think I originally got into blogging, after I got married, to keep my family involved in everything that was going on in my busy busy life. But that VERY quickly changed into something that was one of my most favorite pastimes. Reading other blogs, designing my own, a whole new world!

2.    What does blogging mean to you? Business or pleasure?
It is for sure both. I started it for pleasure, and now I am totally on the fast track to make it a pleasurable business. I love designing blogs, photography, scheduling content, connecting with other bloggers. I still have my 9-5 but in my dream world, every day would be dedicated to living life and sharing it on my blog, while helping others to do the same through design and tutorials!

3.    What do you mostly blog about?Hahaha that is a super loaded question. My blog falls into the “lifestyle” blog niche, which means I blog about everything from fashion and beauty, to DIY projects, to married life and our adventures in Denver, to our little “Richardson Farms”  with our flock of chickens and our little boxer pup Macey, to healthy recipes and tasty cocktails, and reaching goals and family and love and everything else in life. Does that answer your question? No? Hahaha probably not, you can come on over to my blog and figure it out. In the meantime... Here are some sneak peaks.

4.    What do you do besides blogging? What’s a normal day like in the life of Maddie?
Well I have a regular ol’ 9am-5pm Monday – Friday. I work from home for a company based in Atlanta, so I actually technically have a 6am-3pm. So I wake up, take care of my dogs and chickens and gardens. Then I come inside, make a pot of coffee, and get to workin’. My husband is a bartender, so we usually get to have breakfast or lunch together, and when I get off work at 3 I usually take him to the bar (yes it’s sad, we have opposite schedules, but we make it work) and either have a happy hour drink with him or go to the gym (happy hour drinks are preferred, of course). Then it’s onto projects and chores and hanging out. I seriously love my simple life and simple days. It’s a good season. A good good season.

5.    Do you plan out your posts or just kind of wing it? Strict schedule blogger or go with the flow blogger?You want all the serious deets? OK. Here is how it goes. I have this large chalkboard in my office. When I get thoughts on posts, I will write the idea on a post it note and put it on the “possible posts’ side of my chalkboard. Then, I draw a calendar on the other side of the chalkboard. As I get the ideas realized and finalized, I will move the post it over to one of the days of the month. I try and make sure every week has something different (DIY, Recipe, stories, fashion,… Enough to mix it up and keep it fresh!). But, all of the ideas/posts stay on post it notes, so that if I have an amazing story to tell on Wednesday, from something that happened on Tuesday night, I can go with the flow and change my week up really quickly! That was lengthy. But it works really well for me.

6.  Are you a daytime blogger or night owl blogger?

Oh my gosh. I am a chronic night owl blogger. Since my aforementioned hunk of a bartender husband is usually not home at night, I am USUALLY found, well in to the wee morning hours, with a glass of wine in hand, either chilling at my desk, or on our front porch couch, or next to the fire or something, writing posts. It is absolutely one of my most favorite things to do. I usually try to get in a couple of posts in one night so that I can work on others blog designs and fun stuff other evenings. It’s all about balance, to make sure blogging stays fun and not stressful.

7.    Name a few of your favorite blogs and why?
My favorite blogs are those with people who have a really unique voice. Living in Yellow is hilarious, mostly because Erin keeps it real and is well… hilarious. My sister blogs over at Two Hoots & a Holler, and she is also an incredible writer with an incredible story to tell. Yellow Bird Yellow Beard, Gentri Lee, and duh… My Latest Obessions. Can I get an amen?

Thanks again for having me, Sam. Your are good people!!!



Thank YOU Maddie! Happy Labor Day everyone! 
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