Saturday, September 29, 2012


Just a few pics of what we've been up to lately!! A few weeks ago, we attempted to go to this "eco fair" that apparently didn't exist so on our way out, we made a last minute decision to go to this international flea market instead! It wasn't quite what I expected/hoped it to be but whatev, it was an experience right?!
IMG_9524 IMG_9525 IMG_9511
I don't know if you guys keep up with Nasa news but recently the shuttle made a pit stop at this air base about 5 minutes from our house before heading to California (?). I, unfortunately, had to work but Brandon and my brother took Eliza to go see it and took lots of pictures for me (: 
IMG_9595 IMG_9605 IMG_9589 IMG_9602 IMG_9601 IMG_9613 copy
Apparently she wasn't in the best mood, look at that face! 
IMG_9585 IMG_9584
Gah, she's so cute. Last weekend we made a trip to Austin for a friend's Birthday. It was fun and relaxing. All the friend's we usually visit when we go there moved over the summer so it was really weird to go there and not have them around. But it was fun, nonetheless. It was just nice to have a weekend without Eliza and work. Pretty stress-free (: I only got a few pictures at the surprise party: 
SUPRISE!! It was an Adventure Time theme... 

Gettin' serious ;) 
IMG_9619 copy
And gettin' silly! 
I've had a good last couple of weeks. We're settling into a nice schedule and things are going well. I've also been trying to network a bit for the biz and it's really paying off! I'll elaborate more on that later but I've got some fun stuff planned (: 

Hope you guys are having a good weekend! It's a rainy one in Houston but I don't mind. More of a reason to stay in and get some work done!! Anyways, enjoy the rest of your weekend. 
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