Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Girlish Garb: Go-to

If the title's not self-explanatory enough, let me just tell you now that this is my absolute go-to outfit... Or dress, rather. It's the comfiest dress, it's simple, and I can just throw it on without the need for something else to go with it (if I wanted to). Most of the time I wear it, I don't look nearly as polished as this. In fact, the last picture is of what I looked like when I arrived at work this day. These few were taken after hair and makeup happened.. and a little accessorizing too. :)
IMG_9304 copy IMG_9309
Outfit Details: 
Dress- Thrifted 
Headband- Thrifted 
I pulled out my tablet to work on my last project and kind of went a little crazy!! Can you tell?

So life has been good lately. My house has been pretty clean, I'm catching up with the Glee episodes I apparently missed out on, school is going good, and Brandon has been helping me at work so I can do more fun/creative stuff! Speaking of work, I'm in the process of doing some major networking via Model Mayhem. Sooo hopefully in the near future, I'll be doing lots more photo shoots (and perhaps some modeling!). If you guys know any models/photographers in the Houston area, I would love it if you send them my way :)

Overall, nothing too fancy but it's been pleasant. And busy. Yes, lot's of coffee has been happening. Oh and this weekend we have a trip planned which I am really looking forward to! Yay for vacations!! Hope you guys got off to a good start this week. Where did Monday go, again? 
IMG_5162 copy