Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY: headbands

This tutorial is from a long time ago.... and when I say long, I mean like before Christmas long. So excuse my belatedness! I meant to do this as an "easy handmade gift" thing buttt it just never happened and I've just been putting it off. Anyways, I'm just going to get it over with. Here are some easy headband ideas. 

1. Sequin Headband

I used elastic sequin rope for this. 


Cut to appropriate length


And sew ends together (right sides facing each other). 


2. Fabric headband


This one is kind of versatile and can be worn wide or thinner (all scrunched together). 


What I did was cut a piece of fabric, a couple inches shorter than the circumference of my head. 


Then, I hemmed all around the edges for a neat look. you can also leave this raw if you are too lazy or are just going for that look! (: 


Next, I cut a piece of elastic a little bit longer than the inches left to take up the circumference of your head. On the ends, I folded the fabric around the elastic like so (see picture below). 


Sew both ends around elastic and done! 


3. Braided Headband


For this one, I used three colors of embroidery floss. 


For each color, cut three strands about 7" bigger than the circumference of your head. Braid and tie knots on the ends. 


Next, braid all three together. 


Sandwich the ends between a longer piece of elastic and a tiny piece. Sew around the knot. 





4. My Favorite, Twisted Headband. 


I guess I didn't take a picture of this one on my head.... sorry? For this I used some fabric (recognize it from here?) and some embroidery floss. 


Cut the fabric a little shorter than the circumference of your head, the floss needs to be twice as long plus about 7". 


Cut your embroidery floss in half, and knot it. Fold your fabric in half (hotdog style) and sew the end of your floss to one end of your fabric. 


Then take your fabric and twist it until it loops rope-like. Separate your two floss strands and criss-cross them around your fabric. Tie it at the ends.


Lastly, sew the ends onto a piece of elastic. 


Bam, done! 


I wish I wore headbands more but I think they make me look weird.... but I sure do like making them!

So let's talk about my new background for a minute. I really like it but I hate that it makes my blog look so girly! I don't see myself as a girly person at all and I only started liking pink since I've had Eliza (coincidence?). I tried changing the colors but I just like the pink and nothing else really fits. I wish pink wasn't so girly.... Did you know 50 years ago, pink was for boys and blue was for girls? It's true! They thought pink was more masculine and bold.... Crazy huh? Alright, enough of that.

So my last two days have been... weird but in a good way. Let me start out with yesterday morning. Eliza woke up around 5:30 with a coughing attack which ended up with her throwing up on my bed. Around 7:30, we decided to get up and get her ready for Mother's Day Out. She hopped into her baby jogger (we walk) and it was broken! Luckily I was able to fix it though, all good. So I dropped her off and after bathing and what not I went out to run some errands. And then I rescued a turtle! I kind of had to because the last time I saw a turtle on a road, it ended up getting run over... and I felt really bad. So, I was driving to Lowes to get some things and took this kind of back road to get to it (not the way I planned on) and saw this freakin' turtle crawling across the parking lot at the side of the store! And I, among probably 5 other cars, almost ran the dang thing over! So I stopped, called Brandon, and kind of yelled at him, asking what I should do. I parked, grabbed a towel that just so happened to be in my car and wrapped the little guy up. I drove as quickly as I could to the nearest creek and let him free. It was kind of exhilarating! That pretty much made my day. So, saving the turtle kind of ruined my plans but I had just enough time to run into home depot (closer than Lowes was now). And I found exactly what I needed, which probably wouldn't have even been at Lowes. So that worked out. After I picked up Eliza, I donated some things, returned something (and got an extra $2 because it had gone up in price) and then went home where we enjoyed a 3-hour family nap. I never take naps but it was awesome. Then we got some Buffalo Wild Wings, because it was Thursday and enjoy some Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Today, Eliza slept in until 9. We got up, had some smoothies for breakfast and got her ready for a weekend at her Grandma's. We went to Wal-mart where they had like 3 AISLES for Easter.... already. We went down and picked out a chocolate bunny because I told Eliza I'd get her a treat if she would be good and sit in the cart. So we got everything we needed and we were heading to the check out when I saw this Fancy Nancy book and just HAD to get it for Eliza (she loves those books). We checked out and got all buckled in to the car. On the way out, we stopped at this light where there was a homeless guy holding a sign that said, "I hate to do this but I'm hungry". So there I was, in my big stupid car and a chocolate bunny in my lap. I asked Eliza if it was ok to give it to him because he was hungry and she gave me the ok (she was kind of too busy reading her Fancy Nancy book to even care though)! So we gave the homeless guy our chocolate bunny. I just hope he likes chocolate... or isn't allergic or anything. Then we met Eliza's Grandma downtown and she took me to a flea market and gave me $20 to spend (cause I'm broke). I always love a good treasure hunt.

That was my last two days. Not really spectacular but things have just been happening by... chance? I guess? Just like all these strange little things happening one after another as if they were meant to be. I mean, I always try to do good things but the last few days have made me feel like such a do-gooder! Strange... but good, yes?

Sorry for such a long post. So, Eliza's gone for the weekend and I will be doing A LOT of work and homework. I'm thinking about cleaning my house and doing a house tour as well! We'll see if that happens.... well I hope you guys have a great weekend! Ta ta!

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