The Store

So, I have this store on Etsy that I call Sam Wish! I like to think of it as my little botanical emporium that I fill with all-natural and organic goodness. I stock it with handmade lip balms, bath soaks, deodorant, sugar scrubs, oil perfumes, and more!

A little history: I opened Sam Wish in the beginning of 2010. When I had Eliza, my daughter (July 2009), I was lucky enough to stay home with her full time. But after a few months, I started to get cabin fever from being at home 24/7. So I turned to the internet for an outlet and discovered Etsy! It was like my hallelujah! moment that pretty much changed my life. I decided to create a store and named it Sam Wish. Sam, for my first name and Wish, from my last name, Wishlinski. Sam Wish has actually been a nickname of mine throughout my entire life so when I needed a name for my store, it was an automatic choice.

Anyways, I started small with upcycling t-shirts and just practiced my sewing. I also made a "pregnancy journal" and some stuffed animals that were total flops. I made all kinds of really bad things before I finally found vintage. Then, I started selling vintage clothes and would reconstruct things here and there as a way of modernizing some of the items. Before I knew it, I had a full on business! I added shoes, purses, and jewelry to the mix (all vintage of course).

I switched over to Big Cartel for a bit and even started a handmade jewelry line! But Big Cartel didn't really work out, I didn't have the audience that Etsy did. So, Sam Wish went back to Etsy only to find that they had changed their listing strategy which was the main reason I had left in the first place, so it was perfect.

My shop really thrived from then on. I even opened a second store to separate my handmade and vintage goods around August 2011 but moved everything back to a single shop when I found CraftLaunch (it's really cool, you can check it out here)

In 2012, I became increasingly interested in health and wellness. After I stumbled upon the miracle that is essential oils, I became completely obsessed! I use them in every aspect of my life and after losing interest in the superficial ideals of the fashion industry, I decided they had become my new, greatest passion. At the end of 2013, I switched my business over from selling vintage and upcycled clothes to selling organic body products and never looked back!

In 2014, we embarked on what was probably the biggest challenge I've ever completed! I built my very own tiny home on wheels! So I took a hiatus from business for a while in order to get that finished but now I am back and ready to kick some butt! Or.... heal some rather?

Anyways! 2015 is all about getting this new business back up off the ground so I can fully support myself and all of our amazing dreams. I am now looking to expand Sam Wish's reach beyond Etsy and our local craft markets, to selling our products in stores around the world!

It's been a long (and rough) journey but I wouldn't trade it for the world! I love doing what I do and hopefully I can keep it up and just improve from here. So bring it on 2015, let's see what you got!

I hoped you enjoyed my little story. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

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1. What drew you in to Sam Wish? or How did you hear about Sam Wish?

2.What is your favorite item(s) at Sam Wish?

3. What kind of items would you like to see more of at Sam Wish store?

4. What type of products are you more inclined to buy online?

5. Describe how you see Sam Wish in one sentence.

6. What is your favorite scent at the moment?

7. What kind of body products do you think are going to be popular this year?

8. What kind of body products do you use on a regular basis?

9. Tell me a little about yourself (ex. are you a student, a mother, what country you live in, how old you are, whatever information you feel like sharing that would help me with my store!)

10. What do you think about the prices in my store?

11. Can you find things/navigate easily through the store?

12. Any additional critiques you think would be useful to me?

Thanks so much. I can't wait to hear your opinions!