About Me

Hey there, welcome to my blog! It is absolutely lovely to have you! 

My name is Sam, I am 24 years old. I currently live in Houston, TX with my daughter, Eliza. I own a small business called Sam Wish where I make all natural, organic bath and body products.

I originally created this blog as a means to document all of my "latest obsessions", a place to share all of the crazy crafts I spent my days making. However, as the years went by it has grown into so much more than that. Here I share our lives, our journey as a family, our path to sustainability and healthier living, any current projects, food we like eating, info about my store, and random things that go through my mind. Here, I share the story of my little family and all the adventures in it. 

 If you ever want to reach me, just send me an email at samwish3@gmail.com! But of course, you can always leave me a comment as well (: