Monday, December 21, 2015


I saw this post on facebook from a girl, talking about their new significant other and she said something that threw me for a loop. 

At the end of her statement, professing her admiration for her new boyfriend, she put #heputsupwithmybs 

And I thought, why do people demean themselves like that? I mean, I've definitely been guilty of feeling or portraying something like that before. So I'm just as guilty. But I feel like, as a society, our actions as women are a lot of the time herded into this imaginary realm where it's just "bullshit" and no one should take mind, we are just crazy and sometimes do crazy things. 

But how about rephrasing that to say something like "He loves me as a human being and respects my opinions and actions. And he still wants to be with me despite my flaws and despite the fact that I'm just like every other human being out there that is trying to figure out this insane ride called life. Sometimes I go a bit crazy and sometimes I do things that probably aren't the most logical but he forgives me because that's what true love is. I am not perfect, I am not a super human. I have flaws and that's ok. I finally found someone that loves me despite them. And they're not just bullshit. They're just me. And that is perfect in itself." 


Clearly I'm having issues with people loving me despite my flaws. And maybe it's me more than anyone else? 

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