Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Seattle Roadtrip: Part 1

What bittersweet memories. 

I have been wanting to post these for a while. I've been editing them in batches, on days I feel emotionally stable enough to handle the rush of emotions that comes along with going through all of these and reliving that time. 

Today is a good day. I mean, an ok day. I am working on being positive. And considering that the last few days have been pretty awful, I (thankfully) feel somewhat optimistic. So I'll take this opportunity to get these out. 

I don't want to be bitter about the past. Or the present. Because I don't believe in living that way. I don't regret because life is too short. And I will cherish this short time we had together that was so, so incredible. Even when I know I may never have the chance again. But that's ok. 

Today I am positive. So I am posting these. 

IMG_9555 IMG_9559
So this is Jordan, by the way. The main subject to like my last 10 blog posts. The boy I am so helplessly in love with. The person I think about all day, every day. Love is a funny thing....

I remember, the first day that we hit the road was so surreal. Knowing that I would get to see him for more than 2 days was insane to me. Getting to look over and see him there, was amazing. So I took a lot of pictures like this. Because I was just so happy to be able to look over at him. And I didn't want to forget what that felt like. 

So the first day we started out in Abilene (where he lives) and traveled through Oklahoma and Colorado, making a pit stop in Fort Collins for the night. 

IMG_9577 IMG_9580
We made a lot of random stops to break up the drive, one being Sacajawea's grave site which we happened upon by complete accident. But definitely a happy accident. 

IMG_9585 IMG_9594 IMG_9610 copy IMG_9626
We also stopped to venture down to this river that had been teasing us for miles. Wind river, I believe was the name. It was cold and there were a ton of mosquitoes but it was beautiful and a much needed break from the car. 

IMG_9635 IMG_9636 IMG_9639 IMG_9641 copy IMG_9654
The second night, we stayed in Yellowstone National Park. We drove in super late and cruised through the forest with our windows rolled down, enjoying the smell of pine and the cool air. It actually got pretty chilly that night, down in the 30's I think. We were definitely not prepared for that and we only had one sleeping bag. So we both squeezed in and kept each other warm through the night. Daylight and the warmth of the sun was definitely welcome though. In the morning, we got up a tad early to walk around and check out the park before we had to jet. 

IMG_9659 IMG_9674 copy
We saw the eruption of the Bee Hive which is apparently kind of rare? So that was cooooool. 

And then it was on to Seattle where we worked the Renegade Craft Fair for two days! Kind of a disappointing turn out but fun none the less. These are the only 2 pictures we have from that. Woops. 

IMG_9710 copy IMG_9712
Seattle is a beautiful city though. I love it. I wish we would have had more time to explore.

IMG_9721 IMG_9727 IMG_9745 copy
I think my favorite part is going to the market. And eating the food. Yes please. 
IMG_9751 IMG_9761 IMG_9762 IMG_9764 IMG_9766
There are at least 15 more pictures of him like this as I just sat there, enjoying his company. I made a meme that is pretty funny. But I narrowed it down for ya'll. Le sigh. I sure do miss that face. 

IMG_9771 IMG_9779
He was really good at capturing my awkward faces. Here's one of them. Enjoy. 

IMG_9787 IMG_9790 copy IMG_9795 IMG_9806 copy IMG_9810 IMG_9817
Just being a stud. You know. 


There are at least 3 more parts. So stay tuned. 

IMG_5162 copy