Sunday, September 6, 2015

Lately //


 Gosh, I don't even know where to start. There have been so many new things happening and things changing in the last couple of months. 
I can not even believe it is September already. But here we are! 

Life status update: I feel really, really good. Things (mostly) have been going really well for me and sometimes everything happens super fast and all at once and it can be kind of overwhelming (and stressful) but I love all of it. And I'm so grateful for all of the amazing opportunities in my life right now. But sometimes it's nice to just have a day off (like today) to just soak in it all. I'm usually on the go 100% of the time, always keeping busy, always doing something. So when I get an entire day all to myself, to do whatever I want with no pressure? It's pretty awesome.

Anyways, here are a few cool things in my life. Things I'm happy about. 

- We got a new kitty!!! There was a stray cat that had a littler of kittens at the tiny home and we rescued one before they sent the rest to a shelter. She doesn't have a name yet... we're still undecided. But we love having another little critter running around to keep us company. 

- Eliza started school. Just look at her! She's in first grade now and going to the elementary school that I went to as a kid! Crazy. She's adapted so well and I think she's doing wonderfully. 

- I did a 50 mile bike ride with almost 0 training and I'm pretty proud that I didn't die. I wasn't even sore! I guess I underestimate myself. 

- I'm on a homemade sushi kick. And it is quite possibly the best thing ever 

((some Sam Wish stuffz))
- I taught my first class, a DIY Bath Soak Workshop and it was incredible! I had such a great time and the group was so, so, so fun. It was so cool to be able to share my craft and love of making with others. I may even like doing these more than events!!! Seriously though, I can't wait to do another 
- I've all the sudden got a ton of wholesale orders coming in (like 5)!! Which is awesome! I guess now is the time for that. 
- Plus I just dropped off a ton of goodies at a consignment store in downtown Houston 
- I'm working on a collaboration with one of my favorite, fellow lady entrepreneurs (more on that later!)
 - I won an award from the National Association of Community College Entrepreneurs 
- My professor also asked me to guest speak at his class again. I feel so pro? 
- Starting to book up shows for the fall!! I love the holiday season
- I've been working on a few new products that are making me pretty excited!! Hopefully I'll have those out by the holidays

((and other random life thingz))
- Things with Brandon have been going pretty good. So, so thankful it is getting easier 
- I went on a massive work/road trip. Which I will be posting pics of soon. 
- Getting the hang of this new life. School helps a lot with making our days more routine. 
- I think I'm going to start the bbg over. Time to get back to my regular workout routine! 
- Did I mention that I got a new car? It was a while back but soooooo happy to have a vehicle now. She's so shiny and pretty! 
- The weather is cooling down, fall is just around the corner! 
- Oh and there is this new boy in my life. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen him. But he's pretty swell (: 
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