Monday, September 7, 2015

DIY // Purple Hair

So in case you didn't know, my favorite color is purple. And for the longest time, I've been wanting to dye my hair purple. Buuuuut that involves bleaching and I was just sooo enjoying my natural hair color for a while. I mean it had been like a decade since I've had 100% completely natural hair color. And even then, it was a really weird, mousy brown. But then pregnancy came along and my hair went through some really strange stuff. And when it finally balanced out again, it was just too good to mess with. 

But then I got the itch again. So I went for it! And I looOoooOOOoove it. Yay (: 

I used a few of the tutorials I have done in the past regarding bleaching plus did a little extra research (which is all at the bottom of this post). For future reference (mostly for myself), I took notes and lots of pictures. It's been a while since I've played with this stuff but I'm *pretty pleased* with the results. And now I have purple hair! So score! Here is what I used and did: 
// Hair Dying Supplies //


- Clairol Professionals Pure White Creme Developer (I got 30 volume for the bleach because I have dark hair and 20 volume for the toner)
- Kaleidocolors Tonal Powder Lightener (I use the purple to even out the red in my hair)
- Wella T-18 Lightest Ash Blonde Toner 
- Manic Panic Purple Haze Dye 


- Coconut Oil. This is the brand I use for like everything. Love it. 

-Other Random Stuff // Shampoo, brush, ponytail holder and bobby pins, clips, mixing bowl, mixing wand, brush applicator, plastic cap, foil. 


- I ripped my foil about 6" wide and used probably 20 pieces. 

Here is a last look at my hair as a complete brunette!! 


Now on to the fun part. 


So in doing my research on how to go from brown to purple, I learned about using coconut oil to protect your hair a bit from the bleach. I tested it out and definitely think it helped keep my hair moisturized and not as brittle as it most likely would be. I highly recommend doing this but it is completely optional: 

- Lather your hair up with coconut oil! But I only applied it where I planned on bleaching my hair. And I especially stayed away from getting it too close to my roots. Because from personal experience, I have learned that it is quite difficult (for me at least) to get that out. 

- Leave in for at least one hour, preferably over night. 


- Mix your tonal powder lightener (aka bleach) with your creme developer in a non-metallic container. According to the directions, you use the entire packet of bleach with 2 oz of developer. This went so far for me, next time I'll only use half. 

IMG_0693 copy

- Apply to hair, wrap in foil and let process. I left mine in for 1 hour. 

-Also, I should mention that I primarily did just the ends of my hair. I wasn't ready to fully commit to all of that plus it's easier for me to maintain just the ends (I'm a single mom now ya'll)


- Wash with shampoo, you don't have to get all the coconut oil out just yet so don't worry about that. 

IMG_0708 copy
(this ^^ is what it looked like after one bleaching)
((also, excuse my armpit hair. I've been lazy))

- Mix your toner with developer. I used half of the toner bottle (1/2 oz) with 1 oz of creme developer. This was the perfect amount! Apply to hair, wrap in foil and let process. I left mine on for 30 minutes. 

- Wash all of hair. At this point I just took a shower and made really sure to shampoo all the coconut oil out. I washed my hair at least twice. 


- Let hair dry. I let mine air dry about half way and then got anxious and blow dried the rest of the way. 

- On your dry hair, apply the manic panic purple. I applied it to my whole head minus the roots. Then I put on my plastic cap and let it sit for one hour. 


- Rinse and enjoy!! 


Inspiration & Resources: 
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IMG_5162 copy