Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Little Austin For My Soul

This past weekend I took a little mini vacation to Austin, TX with my dad and brother and boy was it
good. Exactly what this gal needed. 

>> As soon as we arrived late Friday night, we headed straight to Trudy's for some stuffed avocado goodness (my favorite) and the most delicious margaritas in town. I left with a fully belly (and minor stumble) but passed out quick and slept very well on my twin sized air mattress. 

>> Saturday morning, we woke up at 6:00am for this 25 mile group bike ride we were planning to attend (wishful thinking) but then made an executive decision to skip it in favor of a closer-to-home neighborhood ride, just the three of us... oh and 2 extra hours of sleep! It was still rough though, those Austin hills get me every time.

>> The rest of our Saturday morning consisted of helping my dad move the remainder of my sister's stuff to storage, grabbing some lunch (sushi, yess), and then heading out to the Greenbelt for one of the best adventures I've had in Austin yet. 

>> So we trekked miles through the slickest of muds, literally gliding across it for a good majority of the way, and made it to two different waterfalls. We jumped off trees, falls, and cliffs (into water of course), found a cave, a few new friends, and even a dog named pig. It actually started pouring on us as soon as we made it to the second falls but it was absolutely perfect. The storm cleared out 95% of the people so we ened up having most of the place all to ourselves! 

>> At one point I ended up sitting by myself in the shallow water, enjoying my surroundings while some small fish hid from the current behind my feet and nibbled on my toes. I actually tried to catch them but turns out my reflexes were no match for those tiny little pests... plus the refraction of the water was definitely throwing off my hand to fish coordination. Oh well, better luck next time. 

>> It was a really, really wonderful little adventure though. So relaxing and so much fun, it was exactly what I needed. There's something about mud squishing between your toes, swimming with all of your clothes on, and walking through the woods in the pouring rain that is so extremely grounding. I loved every minute of it. 

>> When we finally made it back to our home base, I took *the best* hot shower ever and quickly changed into some clean, dry clothes for dinner at my dad's favorite Italian restaurant. I spilt wine all over my brother's shirt (it's ok, I washed it out immediately) and ate wayy to much fettuccine alfredo (which kind of made me sick) but it was fabulous. Then we took a quick rest before heading back out for a night on the town with my daddio for his Father's day celebration. We went to Rainey Street and hit up Lucille's (the name of my dad's mom so of course we had to go), Craft Pride (a bunch of craft beers, not my choice), and Blackheart where we listened to a Nigerian rock band finish out their set. 

>> At about 1:00, my dad was ready to retire so we had him drop us off for a quick dance sesh and last call drinks at Barbarellas. Oh and I bought this amazing necklace from a vendor that was just set up outside! 


>> Somehow we befriended these boys that invited us to play pool. So after the bar closed down, that's where we headed. Oh!! But as I was leaving, this beautiful gypsy man that had been watching me all night (it's so peculiar being single ya'll) stopped me outside, took my hand, told me I looked like a nice person, whispered his name, and slipped me his business card saying something along the lines of, "This is what I do, this is my music, this is me". Then he turned around and disappeared into the crowd. Apparently he's a part of this Eurasian Prog Core band.... don't ask me what that means because I have no idea. If I had to describe him, I would say he looked like the love child of Brad Pitt and Heath Ledger. Not a bad combo if I do say so myself. 

>> Thaaaat was bizarre but not the last strange encounter of the night! So we proceeded to this billiard room to play pool with our new friends. And theeeeeeen this random (and seemingly out of place) group of hippies walk in and with them is this other person that I totally knew!! Well by knew him, I mean I had seen him before. And by seen him before I really mean, he was a performer at the Archaic Revival festival I went to and I had watched him (probably for hours), completely mesmerized by his mad fire poi skills. I had never seen someone, in person at least, with such great rhythm and flow with the poi. It. Was. Magical. And I never thought I would see him again but there he was! And I could tell he recognized me too because I saw him give me the double take when he walked in and saw me sitting there. But I was too shy and slightly inebriated to make anything of it. Oh well. 

>> We ended our night shortly after that and hit the road the next day. 

Besides a few minor hiccups, it was a truly enjoyable weekend. I was accompanied by my brother and dad and it was so fun to just get to hang out with the both of them. My dad has been extremely helpful lately, he's basically been my rock through all of the craziness that is my life right now. And my brother is basically my best friend. He's my partner in crime, it's so easy to relax and have a good time with him.... Sometimes that's all you need. 

Brandon had Eliza for the weekend (since it was Father's day) so I got to have a little break from mommy-ing too. As much as I love that little bugger, it's nice to just be a 24 year old sometimes. 

Well that's all for now. I had a really great weekend and I wanted to write it all down before I forget. It's nice to be able to do that again. It's nice to be able to put my thoughts into words. I've missed blogging. It's so good for my soul. 

Oh and before I leave, I just wanted to express my gratitude for all of you guys leaving me the sweetest of comments. It really touches my heart and I just wanted to say how much I truly appreciate all of the love and support. So much love to you guys!

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