Wednesday, April 22, 2015


My life has been so strange lately. I guess a lot is up in the air at the moment and the uncertainty makes me anxious. But I'm learning how to embrace it and just go with the flow. But it's hard to walk along blindly without a destination, you know? It's kind of like being in limbo. 

But I wanted to get out of my funk for the day! So a little joy post is in order. Here are some things bringing joy to my life today:

JOY copy

> It's my birthday week! My birthday is this Sunday. It feels pretty weird, I'm still not really ready for it. But I've got a jam packed weekend which should be pretty entertaining. I'm turning 24. Nothing significant, just another year under my belt. 

> It's *spring* and absolutely beautiful here. Not to mention, it's Earth Day! I guess I've got some serious Earth appreciating to do on this fine day! 

> It's almost summer and I can. not. wait. to do some traveling and satisfy my inner gypsy. Counting down the days. 

> Sam Wish has been doing beautifully lately. I've gotten my products into two more store in the last few weeks and am pretty excited about it! I've also got plans for some big shows this summer which is always a fun time. 

> I've been taking things pretty easy the past couple of weeks. Which is a nice change of pace. Spending more time working on my personal life than anything else. And just spending a lot of time with myself. It is much needed. 

> Still keeping up with my workout routine even when it feels like a drag. I've been doing a lot of yoga lately too. I find that when my life starts getting emotionally rough, I always go back to yoga. I'm not sure if it's the "feeling in control" aspect of it or the fact that it's just so calming and grounding that helps so much. Regardless, it's been really really helpful. I love it. 

> Meeting beautiful people and making great new friends. Have you ever met someone that you instantly connect with and they just like..... get you? I met a person like that recently and it's so nice to talk to someone that you don't have to fully explain yourself to because they already know. I'm not the biggest talker (ironically enough, since I have this blog and all) but it's nice to have a friend that you can talk to that understands you almost as much as you understand yourself. It makes life easier.

> My friends and family have been amazingly supportive and just overall caring lately. I so sincerely love all of the people around me, they truly make life worth living. Over the years I've tried to surround myself with only the best people and it's times like these that make it apparent how important that is. 

> My days have been filled with hard but insightful conversations lately. Lots of heart to hearts, lots of emotions, lots of life's tribulations but lot's of really important talks and realizations. The wind is blowing, things are changing. 

> Life is crazy and blows me away every single day. I am constantly surprised at what it throws at me. Sometimes I get so caught up in the current of it that it gets hard to deal with but then sometimes I'm just like floating above, watching it all unfold. It's so strange. Life. What a crazy, beautiful thing. 

Hope you guys are doing well. Much love. 

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