Tuesday, March 31, 2015

BBG: Week 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

I'm super proud of myself for actually sticking to this thing, however I can't say I've been sticking to it 110%. My grandpa died and that kind of bummed me out and got me super behind starting at week 6. But I've been slowly catching up and improving from there. I'm not perfect but I've been trying and that's what matters, right?! So here is my account of week 6-9 of the bikini body guide, trying to play catch up! Also, my results and thoughts on it so far are towards the bottom. 

To check out my weeks 2-5, go here. Or you can check out my original post here about why I started in the first place (and my first week on the workout)! 


Week 6: 

Monday // Nothing. Found out my Grandpa died, soooo ya. 

Tuesday // Nothing

Wednesday // Nothing  

Thursday (LISS) // Power walked to the grocery store, about 35 minutes. 

Friday (Arms and Abs) // Since I spent last week at the gym, I didn't get to do my week 5 stuff. So this week, that's where I'm starting. Did the week 5 arms and abs. Then spent the rest of the day in the car (to New Orleans for the funeral). 
Saturday (Legs and Abs) // Did half of the week 5 leg circuits (both of the circuits done once) with two ab circuits in between. I was at my Grandma's house, upstairs, so I didn't really want to do all of the jumping and annoy everyone. 

Sunday (LISS) // 2 hour walk in the park. Twas pretty warm, 

Week 7: 

Monday  // Funeral and then drove home the rest of the day. Obviously I didn't get any working out in that day. 

Tuesday // Nothing, rested and caught up with emails. 

Wednesday (Whole Body) // Week 5 whole body workout. IT WAS SO GOOD. It was pretty much all abs but it felt awesome. I felt so strong, I can definitely tell I've gained some strength (and you can see it in my abs too :)) 

Thursday (LISS) // Learned this dance (Ariana Grande- Problem) for my LISS, it took me the whole 45 minutes to learn and perfect it. It was a great whole body LISS, shaking everything and all. 

Friday (LISS) // Learned this dance (Fifth Harmony- Boss 

Saturday (Whole Body) // Valentine's Day Workout with Brandon. Was pretty intense but fun to do with a partner. Still using 5 lb weights and 10 lb medicine ball. 

Sunday // Nothing. 

Week 8: 

Catching back up! 

Monday (Legs and Cardio) // I did week 6 legs and cardio workout. Trying to catch up. Hmm I really dislike tuck jumps, nice one Kayla. Just when I think I'm getting stronger, it gets super intense again and she throws in a few curve-balls that have me gasping for breath! Holy cow. No wonder she sees results from all of her clients, this shit is hard! I didn't have the room for the broad jump burpees so I left them out.... woops ;) But I did it and I'm glad that is over with. I always dread leg and cardio day, it is by far the hardest for me. 

Tuesday (Arms and Abs) //  Half of week 6 arms and abs, didn't get to finish because I had to cut it short and go to a birthday dinner. But I plan on picking it up tomorrow! 

Wednesday (LISS)/ Rode my bike for about 1 hour and 40 minutes. 

Thursday (LISS, Arms and Abs) // Finished week 6 arms and abs, then week 6 Abs and Cardio. I actually kind of liked the abs and cardio. Definitely a lot of cardio and legs. Could have done with a bit more abs but I was worn out by the end! Also squeezed in about 35-40 minutes of bike riding. Sweet. 

Friday (LISS) // Walked downtown to a music festival, does that count? 

Saturday // Break

Sunday (Arms and Abs, Yoga/Restoration)// I did week 7 Arms and Abs, I was already exhausted but I made it through! Then finished off with a bit of yoga to stretch out my body. If I wasn't so tired, I would have loved to do more but I was just too tired. Long weekend ya'll. 

Week 9: 

Monday (Legs and Cardio + Yoga) //  Did week 7 legs and cardio with Brandon. the second circuit was killer but I can do jump lunges now! Pretty proud of that. I'm ready to get back on my bike but it's been raining! Maybe tomorrow?

Tuesday //  Nothing. Found mold in my bathroom and went into panic/fix mode. I spent all day doing that. So sore today though

Wednesday (LISS) //  Rode my bike, about 8 miles. Helped so much with the soreness. I woke up even more stiff than yesterday but biking always works it out. 

Thursday (LISS) // Rode my bike in the rain, about 10 miles. That was interesting. But not as bad as I thought it would be. Luckily though it was just a drizzle and not an all out pour. 

Friday (LISS, Full Body, 1/2 Arms and Abs) // Rode bike to E's school and found out that the event I was going to had been cancelled....The lady at the front desk said they emailed everyone but she lies!!! Did week 7 full body as well as 1/2 week 8 arms and abs. 

Saturday (LISS) // Walked around quite a bit downtown, went to a free music festival and did some sanding, that counts right? 

Sunday // Worked all day (market for Sam Wish), too exhausted to workout. 


So Results? 

Back: Back appears a bit more muscular than just skinny. I appear to have leaned up on the sides, a little around the bra area. And maybe a little bit around the hips although I think I am a bit bloated today. I see a little more definition in my bottom, not really a whole lot of difference in my back. It’s slightly disappointing.

Side (no flexing): definitely lost some roundness and a bit of blubber. My butt is definitely getting rounder, lifting, and just taking on a better shape. I always thought I had a cute butt but man! Now it's getting serious! My legs are leaning out a bit, I can definitely see some definition as they are getting more muscular. I think I lost some fat on my back like right above my butt. Love handles I guess? There is a definite flatness coming to my tummy, I guess it’s tightening up and I feel like lately I have been losing some fat in that area as well. I can see my obliques (!!!) and six pack coming in. There is definitely flattening out happening of my stomach although that stubborn pooch fat is still lingering.

Front: Definitely starting to lean up on the sides of my tummy. I can see some ab definition even though I’m not flexing! Even though I feel totally bloated today I still see a difference so that’s nice. I like that my shape is starting to change, my stomach is starting to shave in a bit. I can’t wait for my legs to be nice and lean, and get rid of those love handles once and for all! But definitely losing some love handle fat so woohoo! Now to get rid of that pooch.... 
Legs side: My thighs are definitely getting bigger, my butt is popping out more. I’m starting to lose some of the cellulite as I gain definition. I sees it! Still some cellulite but definitely less this week! 

Overall progress: It's so fun to learn that I can do more advanced moves which is one of the best and most motivating parts about this workout plan. In the beginning, I could not do jump lunges to save my life. Now, I can! Also, burpees have become one of my favorite things to do (if you can believe that!). I'm still not able to do regular pushups but I'm getting there! I have more arm muscle than I have ever had in my whole life. So that's pretty cool. And just little thing like being able to lift heavier weights or medicine balls. There's nothing like feeling strong on the outside to make you feel strong on the inside too. It's so uplifting and encouraging. Working out is great. 

At the end of the 12 (well it's probably going to be more like 13) weeks, I'll post a progress picture. But you know, I'm not totally excited about posting half naked pictures of me not looking like a super model on the internet. So I'm holding out for those results! And they are a comin'!

Reasons why I'm STILL loving BBG: 
People keep asking me what I think about the bbg and if I've seen any results. Well results ^^ and here is why I am still doing it and looooooving it!

> The structured-ness of it. I have a crazy creative mind and without a plan or guide, I would just get totally lost and give up. I love that it keeps me accountable and sane. It's already there for me, all I have to do is pull it up and go. Plus, I already know what is required of me in regards to time and energy so I can fit it into my day/life accordingly. Easy peasy!

> The challenge! The workouts get harder and harder each week. I hate it and love it at the same time. But I know they're making me stronger and I am always down for a challenge. Without it, I would get bored and just move on to something else! So in that sense, it keeps me on my toes (quite literally sometimes) and motivated to see what she's planned for me next!

> The community. It's so fun to see how everyone else is doing and they're awesome results. The community on Instagram does so much for my motivation. When I'm feeling out of it, I'll just hop on Instagram, search #bbgprogress, and spend like 30 minutes just browsing through the pictures while working up the motivation to get my workout on! Feeling like you're a part of something as great as being healthy and getting fit, just feels really awesome. And seeing everyone's results after sticking with it is insanely inspiring. 

> The results. This is a no brainer. I know I'm getting stronger and although the aesthetic results always seem to come a little bit slower than I'd like, they're there and I appreciate them. Plus, it's really taught me that I am in total control of my body. Which brings me to my second point. 

The powerrrrr. When I eat bad, I know I'm going to get bloated and look not as great as when I eat good. I'll probably also feel like crap and maybe even have some adverse side effect like a stuffy nose or break out. But I know the power is mine to control that sort of thing. Sometimes, eating some junk is inevitable (I'm not a total hermit, I can't cook ever single meal of mine and control what goes into all of my food) but I just make sure to keep it sparing, and only for special occasions (you know, when it's absolutely, 100% worth it). There are times when I get a little out of control but eventually I start feeling gross and all I have to do is hop back on the bandwagon. And it's ok. I have to be ok with not being perfect and living a little. But I think it's important to realize that you do have the control. If you want to get healthy, you have to do that. No one else can do it for you. It can be scary, sometimes downright terrifying. But once you give yourself the tools to improve your body, the knowledge you need to keep yourself healthy, it gets easier. 

> Self LOVE. Sometimes I absolutely dread working out. Especially leg days, they're so hard! But one of the things I've been working on this year is self love. And I think working out goes a long way to help me love myself and my body more. I know that getting up and completing a workout is going to do wonders for my body. And I love that. I know that working out is going to make me more fit and comfortable in my own skin. And I love that too. I know that working out is going to improve my health. And that's how I prove to myself everyday that I really do love myself. There are very few things that are more important to me than bodily health. Sometimes it's hard, I get busy, I have a million things to do, but making that time is so so soooo important. And I always feel so great after I manage to squeeze it into my schedule. Because honestly, you wouldn't have ANY time if you didn't take care of your body. You would be dead. And I think we can all agree that that is not what we want. 

So that's that! I've been loving (and sometimes hating) the bikini body guide. But I'm still doing it and I'm excited to finish and.... start it all over again! Am I crazy?! Haha, anyways I highly recommend this workout plan. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I know I've gotten a lot in person and would love to answer inquiries you have (: 
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