Sunday, February 8, 2015

Film 2

This roll was from a road trip my brother and I took to San Marcos over the past summer. The first day we got there, we went to a special spot on the river. It was magical 
R1-02283-0001 R1-02283-001A
Can you see my brother up in that tree? 
R1-02283-002A R1-02283-003A R1-02283-004A
Mm so pretty, this really makes me miss summer. 
Flips, cause he's so cool
On the way back home, our main mission was to find a blue bonnet patch to frolic in. 
I would say it was a success. 
R1-02283-008A R1-02283-009A R1-02283-011A R1-02283-012A R1-02283-013A

Brandon took the next few around Houston. I just thought they were neat
R1-02283-017A R1-02283-019A R1-02283-020A

And here's a throwback! Two from our prom film! 
For those that don't know, I got pregnant my senior year of high school so when prom came around I was about 6/7 months pregnant (and huge as you can tell). Oh and I made that dress. I am always impressed when I look back at these pictures. 
Prom was a terrible night for me but I really love these two pictures. These were taken right before we arrived, we went to this park downtown with that really scenic waterfall to do a mini photo sesh before the actual dance. It was the best part of that evening. 
IMG_5162 copy