Monday, February 16, 2015

BBG: Week 2 // 3 // 4 // 5


I've made it through 5 weeks of this workout guide! Woohoo! I don't know if I'll show my result pictures here yet (eeeesh) but I wanted to share what my weeks look like, working out wise. I'm still getting the hang of making extra time and fitting it all into my schedule so it's taken a little bit of experimenting and adjustment. But I'm constantly improving and am so proud of myself for taking care of my body and working towards something I think is so important. I'm not perfect, as you'll see but all of my effort and what I have accomplished is really paying off! 

For those that don't know, your week on this guide consists of 3 major workouts: Legs & Cardio, Arms & Abs, and the Whole Body Workout. Then you have 3 low intensity (LISS) workouts such as walking, jogging, hiking, or biking, that you fit in in between. And then she suggests that you fit in one rehab session a week which is basically just extra stretching (I do yoga). There are a number of ways you can structure your workout schedule to fit into your week but the easiest way is to just stick to what she's laid out. Lately though I've been mixing it up a little to squeeze it all in and found that it's best for me to switch around the major workouts depending on how my body feels (ie how sore I am). Now that I'm more accustomed to how they work, I feel comfortable doing that and being able to fit it all in according to what my body needs. Plus it allows me to be flexible and go to the gym to workout with my brother whenever he has the time. 

So anyways, here's what my last 4 weeks have looked like in the fitness department. 

WEEK 2: 

Tuesday (Leg day) // Well I skipped Monday. Obviously. I did my leg day today though, IT WAS KILLER. I think I was able to do the first round of workouts twice in each circuit but man, that second one was tough. I did mayyybe 1 1/2 before my legs were just giving out on me each time. Also, I took my progress pictures today and not much of a difference. Although I'm pretty sure my crappy eating over the weekend has something to do with that. I think I've gained a little more muscle definition but it's kind of hard to see behind the bloating. Eek! 

Wednesday // My week is just all fudged up. The weather is crappy and I got caught up doing lots of thingssss so no LISS today. But I plan on making it up... eventually. Also, pretty sore, mainly in my buns! 

Thursday (Arms and Abs) //  Pretty sore, probably because I didn't get my LISS in yesterday. But the bloating from the weekend is going down and I'm starting to see a definite definition in my obliques. Super cool! This workout was pretty rough. I did it after lunch and was on the verge of puking during the second half. Plus it was just hard and I ended up having to take mini breaks just to be able to go on any further. And not puke. Yikes. But I'm done and it feels good! To be done that is. 

Friday // Of course, it rained again and I lost ALL motivation to do my LISS. When will it stop?! 

Saturday // I got very little sleep and spent the morning at a meeting. By the time we got home, we hopped straight in bed and watched movies all day. So no working out for me. 

Sunday (LISS) // After I dragged myself out of bed, I went on a hike in the woods with the family. 

WEEK 3: 

Monday (Leg day) // Spent half of my day, checking off things on my to do list, avoiding this workout! The first round seemed easier (still hard) but I definitely feel stronger. I got through the first half no problem and was feeling it the second time around for sure. But it feels good to get it done! Used my 10 lb medicine ball and 5/10 lb weights (switched off depending on how out of breath I was). Now to stretch! 

Tuesday (LISS) // Went on my first bike ride in almost 6 months! Rode about 12 miles in 45-50 minutes. It was nice, totally don't enjoy inhaling car fumes but it was nice to get back on my bike. Next time, I'll try some trails though. 

Wednesday // Skipped because I ended up getting caught up with work, I was on a roll! 

Thursday (Arms and Abs) // Went super hard today, got my workout done plus some! But I hadn't eaten much before hand (it was already 2) and did not feel so great afterwards. Woops 

Friday // Skipped because I got caught up working again. Also, I was planning on going dancing but it didn't happen. I did do a lot of walking around town though? 

Saturday (LISS) // Did a lot of walking and going up stairs and "cheer-leading" and intercepting rugby balls .... That counts right? It was a pretty active day. But no intense workouts. 

Sunday (LISS) // Went on a 9 mile, 1 hour long bike ride hauling Eliza and groceries. It was so pretty outside.

-ABS: Definitely noticing some definition in my abs, my little size pack is starting to show!! It's weird though because I thought I'd lose some fat beforehand but I guess the muscle will burn more fat in the long run? Either way, I see some definite progress. Although now that you can see my ab muscles, it has become noticeable that they are totally uneven. I'll have to work on that. 

-ARMS: Also, I have a bump in my arm! Before, I could see the muscle becoming more defined but only on the sides. However,  now it's actually grown into a bump on top!! Prettttttty excited about that. I guess all my girly pushups are starting to pay off! 

-Other than that, I feel stronger in the workouts and have lost some roundness in my belly/bloating but that's it so far. Only week 3 though, 9 more to go!! 

WEEK 4: 

Monday //  Nothing. 

Tuesday (Whole Body) // Did a full body workout, trying to play catch up 

Wednesday (LISS and Abs)  // Super intense bike ride, I was planning on doing legs but that didn't happen. My legs were too sore! I also did a circuit of ab work later that night, because I had too much energy to go to sleep. It was nice. 

Thursday (Arms and Abs) // Arms and abs, it was crappy out so I didn't get in a LISS. Halfway through my workout, I didn't think I'd be able to make it all the way to the end but I just took it one workout at a time and it was over before I knew it! Feels good, it was rough though fa sho. 

Friday // NADA, took a rest day because I was not feeling so great (just exhausted in every way) 

Saturday // Nothing, worked all day 

Sunday (LISS and Leg Day) // Did a hike with friends for my LISS. Also completed week 4, leg day! Was great. 

-ABS: Definitely more definition in my abs, haven't lost any extra fat yet though, I really need to work on my LISS. Oh and evening out my left and right abs (it's pretty noticeable). 

-LEGS: Really appreciating my leg muscles and butt this week. 

-Feeling stronger for sure, I can do girly pushups like a pro! Haven't tried a real one yet, a little scared to *eek*! This week is the week before my period so I was feeling off physically with bloating and exhaustion and just all around yuckiness so no real progress picture as I was feeling gross and unmotivated. But 8 more weeks to go! I'm 1/3 of the way done! 

WEEK 5: 
Catch up week! 

Monday (Back and Bis) //  Back, bis and abs with my bro at the gym plus a little cardio for warmup

Tuesday (LISS, Chest and Tris) // Went on a lovely bike ride to the store. About 40 minutes split in two. Super sore and tired today. Had to carry a bunch of stuff on the way home and it wore me out! Did chest and tris with my brother and a friend. It was super intense. Starting to not feel so great now, my sinuses are acting up. 

Wednesday (LISS) // Went on a hike with mom and Eliza for an hour or two. Kind of taking it easy. I don't feel too great, my whole body aches from working out a lot and starting to get sick.

Thursday // Ended up working till 2 in the morning! So no working out for me. 

Friday (LISS and Full Body ) // 37 minute bike ride to Eliza's school to drop off a Valentine's present for her teacher. Man, I didn't get much sleep last night. My body feels weak but I'm determined to stay on schedule and catch up with my work outs this week! Bring it on! Later that night, I also did week 4's full body workout. I did the both circuits once, added in an ab circuit, and then did another circuit with the workouts of both circuits (done once each). It was exhausting but feelin' good! 
Saturday (LISS)//  Did soooo much dancing. 

Sunday (Legs, Abs, and Rehab) // Went to the gym with my brother, did legs, plus abs, and some rehab/yoga after. 


-I weigh about 10 pounds more than when I started (all about those gains baby!). 

-BACK: Definitely more muscular, my butt is lookin goood! My booty is only going up and out, in a good way though! My back curve is looking pretty, my posture is improving with my stronger core.

-LEGS: Getting a wee bit stronger and more toned. Thighs are slimming down in the middle (!!). I'm going to have to get bigger bottoms to fit my butt! My legs are definitely tightening up, with noticeable definition in my leg muscles. Cellulite is still there but as I continue to shed fat, I think it'll go away.

- ABS: Mored definition compared to first week, slimming down a bit on the sides. A little bit less belly fat, pooch is going down. My hip bone is becoming a bit more prominent which is the only way to tell I'm losing any of that muffin top. Might be a little bloated in this week's pictures but definitely overall slimming action happening in the tummy region. 

-ARMS: I got a bump in my arm! I got a bump in my arm!! I'm really, surprisingly proud of my arm strength improvements. 

-My overall impression is that this past month has been all about gaining muscle. I'm assuming (hoping) that after this, I will start leaning up a bit more. I'll be able to work out harder, my muscles will be able to burn more fat, and my body will be more acclimated to this new routine. My metabolism will pick up even more, I just have to make sure to feed it correctly and the fat will just start melting off. I'm pretty excited about the next 7 weeks! Here we gooo! 

Goals for the next few weeks:

-Make sure to fit in ALL of my workouts PLUS my LISS's. 
-Keep up the eating well, don't let the weekends get me down. 
-Start keeping record of what I can lift to notice any improvements, and possibly body measurements, that would be interesting.   

I'm pretty happy with how I feel so far, almost halfway through my workout guide. I really really love the guide because it keeps me on track with working out through the weeks. It kind of keeps me accountable for my fitness which really works for me to keep me motivated! Like I said before, I don't follow the nutrition guide though because I have found that Raw Till 4 works wonderfully for me and I love the way I feel eating this way. I've done a ton of research and believe that a vegan, plant based, high raw diet is the most nutritious way I can eat and nourish my body. However, while I try to stick to it as much as possible, I remain flexible because stressing out about your diet too much can be harmful too (same goes for working out too). I let myself have "cheat meals", especially on the weekends when we tend to eat out a lot because we are home less and it's harder to remain as healthy as I'd like. But like I said, I don't worry about it too much. I just hop back on the raw till 4 train and bounce back! 

Also, on a side note. I've found that working out is much  more enjoyable with other people. It's fun to bond over something as healthy as working out and the support is really wonderful. So if you have a hard time getting motivated to work out, I suggest you recruit a friend with similar goals so that you can support and encourage each other. I'm telling you, it makes a world of difference! 

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