Friday, January 23, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

So this one time, we went to a pumpkin patch with my sis and her *new* family. And it was great.
This is kind of belated, I know, I know! But I just couldn't resist.
IMG_8049 IMG_8048 IMG_8052 IMG_8053 
Trying so. very. hard. IMG_8050
Oh. No? Ok.... I'll just KARATE CHOP IT. 
Oh guys, meet my nephew Lucas! I'm kind of obsessed with him.  
IMG_8058 IMG_8063 copy
These people right here? I really love them. I'm not one for commercialized pumpkin patches where they charge you 5 bucks to bounce on a dang moonwalk buuuuut it was totally worth it. Even just for this picture. PRECIOUS. 

By the way, that's my brother. Not the baby daddy... cause that would be weird. Just had to put that out there (: 
IMG_5162 copy