Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Uncommon Goods: Upcycled Sari Robe

Today I'm here to share my collaboration with Uncommon Goods. They contacted me about a month ago and after doing a
little research, I was really excited for the opportunity to work with them!

 For those that haven’t heard of Uncommon Goods, here’s a little info:

-First off, their collection of handcrafted goods is absolutely incredible. Half of what they sell is made by hand, mostly in the U.S., and about 1/3 incorporates recycled or upcycled materials! We all know I love handmade and upcycled products so that got me pretty giddy. 

-But putting their products aside, they’re also just an amazing company in general. They are a B Corporation (super cool), which means they strive to make the world a better place not only by running their business in harmony with the environment but also by contributing to issues such as wage levels, giving back to the community, and supporting non-profit organizations. You can read more about Uncommon Goods here, their mission on sustainability here and the charities they give back to here.

They sent me this amazing Upcycled Sari Robe to review and I swear, it is like wearing a cloud!
Not to mention, it was handmade in India from recycled Saris. LOVE.
IMG_8100 IMG_8109 copy IMG_8142 IMG_8158 IMG_8160
IMG_8162 IMG_8165

You can check out the Upcycled Sari Robe (or get one of your own!) here. They also have a wide range of products to check out such as the gifts for women which you can see here, gifts for men here, and gifts for children here. Seriously worth a looksy, it took me sooo long to go through everything, I just wanted to buy it all! 

Hope you all have a fabulous hump day, I'm off to go nurse Eliza back to health! This whole going to school with a bunch of other kids thing is really messing with her immune system. Also, I don't think the Halloween candy helped. 

Ta ta! 

IMG_5162 copy

*this is a sponsored post