Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tiny Home: Timeline

For those interested in the time span in which we completed our house, I've been keeping this timeline to track our progress. It's so funny to go back to those posts in the very beginning, how eager and excited we were. Now it's all done, which is kind of hard to believe and yet it feels so.... perfect. And now here we are, 60 weeks later on the dot. 
IMG_9962 Gathering Supplies and Trailer:
June 15/July 8-  Bought Windows 
July 3- Started Facebook Page
July 9- Got trailer
July 13- Got some free wood from Fabian's boss
July 14- More free wood from Craigslist
July 14- Posted about our trailer-
July 20- Got wood for floor frame, Got plywood from Craigslist


Week 1 (August 18th-August 24th): 
-Started building and prepping, sketchup of interior
 -Our friend, Jordan, comes to help. We finish floor frame and start adding flashing.

Week 2 (August 25th-August 31st):
-Completely finished floor frame and flashing, flipped over and starting bolting together pieces of floor frame to each other and to the trailer. 
-Jackson and Pat (Brandon's dad) come to help build, finished attaching floor frame together and secure to trailer frame. Added in the insulation and put plywood on top. Started cutting wood for walls. You can see our floor building specs here.
-We throw our Tiny Home Benefit.

Week 3 (September 1st-September 7th): 
-Start on wall frame, framed and sheathed two sections of wall (both sides of living room area) 

Week 4 (September 8th- September 14th): 
-Put loft above living room area, built half of top walls (the loft walls) and started on living room side wall, also leveled trailer temporarily.

Week 5 (September 15th-September 22nd): 
-Built second half of top (loft) walls, finished and stood up living room side wall.
-Moved trailer to permanent position. 
-Bought the rest of wood for framing. 
-Sheathed half of living room side wall. 
-Built and stood up back, middle wall. 

Week 6 (September 23rd-September 29th): 
-Started and stood up front, middle wall. 
-Started on two small loft walls (on Eliza's side of the house)

Week 7 (September 30th-October 6th): 
-Finished two smaller loft walls, put up loft beams, and finished top portion of walls. 
-Also cut most of wood for last side wall (bathroom wall). 

Week 8 (October 7th/8th/9th) : 
-Finished the last wall! 
-Put in most of all the wall braces and started cutting roof rafters
-Hosted The Ridiculous Hour

Week 9 (October 14th-20th): 
-Sheathed the roof and most of the walls.
-Finished cutting roof rafters. 
-Bought ties/straps and secured roof rafters in.  
-Started cutting out window and door holes. 

Week 10 (October 21st-October 27th): 
-Finished sheathing walls 
-Power-wash walls and roof. 

Week 11 (October 28th-November 3rd): 
-Start putting up blocking and frieze boards. 
-Spray walls and ceiling with borate. 
-Squared up the roof

Week 12 (November 4th-November 10th):
-Finish putting up frieze boards. 
-Caulk roof holes, apply felt, and nailing boards on rafters. 
-Apply drip edges and roofing, almost finished roof.

Week 13 (November 11th-November 17th):
-Finished up trimming and cementing roof.
-Sprayed outside of house. 
-Started attaching ties. 
-See roof specs here.

Week 14 (November 18th-November 24th): 
-Finish spraying house (second coat of borate). 
-95% done with ties, started taping and sealing off gaps on the outside. 
-Felted the bottom of the outside of the house. 
-Also cut out 3 more window holes, only two left!!

Week 15 (November 25th- December 1st): 
-Thanksgiving weekend, not much work done except put up one row of felt (very difficult). 
-And started trimming foam and sealing up frieze boards. 

Week 16 (December 2nd-December 8th):
-Finished trimming foam and sealing frieze boards. 
-Put up third layer of felt. 
-Cut out last two windows and finished ties, only have corner posts to do. 
-Also put in our first window!!! 

Week 17 (December 9th- December 15th): 
-Worked on the loft. Caulked and foamed all seams inside, started putting insulation in walls. 
-Put in another window. 
-Also did fourth later of felt. 
-Bought our very first door knob!!! 
-Put in loft window and door

Week 18 (December 16th- December 22nd): 
-First night in the tiny home! 
-Hosted Ridiculous Hour again

Week 19 (December 23rd- December 29th): 
-Made mattress. 
-Put up work station and Christmas tree. 
-Fixed up bed area, and put in clothes rack. 
-Got heating blanket! Woooooo!

Week 20 (December 30th- January 5th): 
-Family time and DISNEYWORLDDDD

Week 21 (January 6th- January 12th): 
-DISNEYWORLDDD: Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom

Week 22 (January 13th- January 19th): 
-Got siding off craigslist

Week 23 (January 20th- January 26th): 
-Set up living room and fruit basket. 
-Had a freeze.

Week 24 (January 27th- February 2nd): 
-Put in the half circle window and worked on felt at the top between the rafters. 
-Put in other large kitchen window and Eliza's window. Built thing for tub, put in another counter and organized. 

Week 25 (February 3rd- February 9th): 
-Finished sealing up windows and got started on siding. 
-Cut furring strips out of spare wood. 

Week 26 (February 10th- February 16th): 
-Started on siding

Week 27 (February 17th-February 13th): 
-Worked on siding 

Week 28 (February 14th-March 2nd): 
-Worked on siding, on back. 

Week 29 (March 3rd-March 9th): 
-Too cold and rainy to work

Week 30 (March 10th-March 16th):
-Our friend, Joe, came over to help and we worked on the siding on the front (finished) and one of the small sides. 

Week 31 (March 17th-March 23rd):
-Worked on the siding more, finished small side on Eliza's side and half of the back side. 

Week 32 (March 24th-March 30th):
-Sprained ankle and took break.

Week 33 (March 31st-April 6th): 
-Still on break.

Week 34 (April 7th-April 13th): 
-Worked on boarding up the living room wall on inside. 
-Installed more insulation. 
-Started on electrical. 

Week 35 (April 14th-April 20th):
-More electrical. 
-Finished indoor living room siding. 

Week 36 (April 21st-April 27th): 
-Finished electrical. 
-Started plumbing. 
-Built cabinet. 
-Got sink. 
-Birthday week!

Week 37 (April 28th- May 4th): 
-Birthday weekend and a bunch of shows so no home building this week! 

Week 38 (May 5th- May 11th): 
-Put up drywall in bedroom. 

Week 39 (May 12th- May 18th): 
-Brick in living room, 
-Louisiana trip.  

Week 40 (May 19th-May 25th): 
-Interior siding in closet

Week 41 (May 26th- June 1st): 
-Worked on Eliza's loft

Week 42 (June 2nd- June 8th): 
-Break for summer fun

Week 43 (June 9th- June 15th): 
-Started putting up the cement board in bathroom above tub

Week 44-50 (June 16- July 28th):
-Put up more drywall. 
-Worked on Eliza's bedroom. 
-Put in wood flooring. 
-Started paneling the ceiling and floating the living room wall. 
-Got A/C! 
-Worked on insulation (the ceiling in particular).

Week 51 (August 4th-August 10th):
-Finished installing drywall. 
-Primed and painted living room and put up shelves. 
-Finished living room trim, sealing it all up and installed window sill. 

Week 52 (August 11th-August 17th):
-Finished paneling the ceiling in master loft.

Week 53 (August 18th- August 24th):

Week 54 (August 25th-August 31st):
-Finished covering ceiling. 
-Video Tour. 

Week 55 (September 1st- September 6th): 
-Floated, textured, and painted one kitchen wall. 
-Floated and textured bedroom. 

Week 56 (September 7th-September 13th):
-Built Eliza's ladder and shelving underneath. 
-Floated next kitchen wall, textured and painted. 
-Installed a shelf above the sink side of kitchen. 

Week 57 (September 14th-September 20th): 
- Installed concrete counters, tile back splash, cabinet doors, and window sill. 

Week 58 (September 21st- 27th): 
-Set up kitchen organization. 
-Brought in all of our kitchen stuff. 
-Put in sink. 

Week 59 (September 28th-October 4th): 
-Start on bathroom tiling. 
-Finish organizing and moving things around for optimum efficiency. 

Week 60 (October 5th- October 11th): 
-Finished up bathroom and other loose ends! 
-And Done!
Week 61 (October 12th-18th): 
-Finally getting a chance to decorate 

IMG_5162 copy